Ohio Inmate May be Too Fat for Execution

An obese Ohio inmate is sentenced to die in January for crimes that took place decades ago. However, his lawyers have filed a complaint with the courts stating that this execution could result in a “tortuous and lingering death” because of his weight.

The Associated Press reported about convicted killer Ronald Post who is 480 pounds. He was convicted of shooting a killing a hotel clerk nearly 30 years ago and his execution date is set for January 16.

Post is claiming that his extreme weight, his limited vein access, scar tissue, and his other medical issues will lead to major issues during the execution process. It’s also questionable if the execution gurney will even hold Post during the procedure. The entire procedure is argued to be long and painful for Post.

Post has requested weight loss surgery while in prison after he’s failed to lose any weight during his years in jail. However, his request was denied. He’s had struggles exercising due to knee and back problems. Post has even broken exercise equipment from his large size as he’s tried to workout. Furthermore, It’s reported that Post’s depression affects his ability to limit his food intake.

Now the question is raised, is Post too fat to die? During other medical procedures, Post’s doctors or nurses have had struggles getting IVs into his arms. Four years ago a nurse had to attempt three times before she could find a vein. The execution process will require IVs, and clearly there will be a host of painful issues.

The documents regarding Post’s condition were filed by his lawyers just last Friday. Time will tell if a killer sentenced to death will escape the penalty because of his weight.

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