Yoga Etiquette to Avoid an In-Class Faux Pas

Just like anything in life, there are always general parameters to follow in order to maintain a healthy status quo. Deviations from acceptable behavior usually get us in trouble, or worse, land us in jail.

You might not think that taking a yoga class would require any guidelines, as everyone is always encouraged to be who they are. But, while you won’t go to jail for a yoga faux pas, you will meet some resistance in finding inner peace if you ignore the following suggestions.

Practice appropriate yoga etiquette so you and everyone around you can have an enjoyable experience in class.

Don’t be late
Some teachers will not let you in the door if you are more than five or 10 minutes late. If you happen to be lateand are still allowed into class, time your entrance either before or after the invocation. If the class is chanting or quietly setting their intentions, wait by the door. Only enter when the teacher leads participants into the first pose. By doing this, you will not disrupt the peaceful energy that is being created in class.

Skip the aromatherapy, perfume or cologne
Avoid coming to yoga reeking like a spa or a department store. Some scents are lovely indeed, but remember you are not the only one in class. Spending an hour and a half breathing through your nose while you are drenched in lavender is terrific, but imagine you are wedged in between wafts of patchouli oil and Chanel No 5, with a cloud of Nag Champa adrift. It is too much for the senses and will likely spur a headache for you and your fellow yogis.

If you need to modify, be discreet
Not everyone is capable of doing every move in every class, and that is perfectly acceptable. However, coming to class with no intention of following the instructor is a huge yoga faux pas. Perhaps you’ve misread the schedule and by mistake you’ve come to restorative yoga. Do not start doing sun salutations while everyone else is getting set up to relax on his or her bolsters. If you need to modify something, do it. If you want to ignore the instructor and practice your own routine, it’s best that you practice on your own.

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