Redskins Quarterback and Local Students Attempt Guinness World Record

UPDATE: Congratulations to the 646 students who accompanied the Washington Redskins Quarterback, Donovan McNabb, and his teammates yesterday. They successfully set the Guinness World Record for Largest Virtual Exercise Class. Hopefully this accomplishment will inspire others across the country to rise up with the Play 60 Challenge!

On Tuesday, September 21st, The Guinness World Record for Largest Virtual Exercise Lesson will be pursued by the Washington Redskins’ Quarterback, Donovan McNabb. The event will take place at FedEx Field in Washington, D.C.

McNabb, who was recently named Health Ambassador for the Redskins, is asking fellow Redskins and 1,000 local students to join him in a 30 minute exercise lesson. To set the world record, the event must include at least 605 participants and last thirty minutes or longer. The attempt will be observed by an Official Guinness World Record Adjudicator, Mike Janela. If all standards are rigorously met, Janela will declare The Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation as record holders and present them with an official certificate; a feat not easily met.

Together with his teammates, Linebacker Rocky McIntosh and Defensive End Kedric Golston, McNabb is coordinating with GlaxoSmithKline, leaders in the health and pharmaceutical industry, and the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation to inspire students through the NFL Play 60 Challenge. Play 60 challenges kids to get 60 minutes of active play each day. It’s clear that the Washington Redskins are tackling obesity head-on by encouraging kids to lead active lives. Among the strong supporters of Play 6o is first lady, Michelle Obama.

Childhood obesity is directly responsible for a number of chronic diseases. It so happens that Washington D.C., home of the Redskins, has one of the nation’s highest rates of childhood obesity. The Play 60 Challenge is aiming to change those numbers, not just in Washington, but across the nation. Such gallantry prompts me to ask: Are these football players, or superheroes? Perhaps they’re a hybrid of both; a new breed of socially aware athletes and entertainers.

This event is invitation only. For more information about The Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation, or if you would like to participate in other events, please visit You can also find out more at the NFL Play 60 Challenge website.

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