Ruben Wins Dance Your Ass Off and Finale Recap

ruben dance your ass offThe season finale of Oxygen’s Dance Your Ass Off had a bit of everything: Moves and grooves, cheers and tears, and flash and cash.

The final three, Ruben, Shayla and Pinky took the stage one last time and hopped on the scales for their final weight loss tally.

So who won the coveted $100,000 prize?


For Ruben, it was the combination of his dance moves (he has a background in dance) and his extraordinary weight loss. During the course of the show, Ruben dropped almost 60 pounds and went from a BMI of 42 (obese Class III) to 33 (0bese I). In addition to his cash prize, Ruben will also star in the first ever Dance Your Ass Off workout DVD.

Tune in for one last episode next week when all 12 contestants return to show off their weight loss, which they have kept going despite their elimination earlier in the series.

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