Salty, Spent, and Strong – Get Your Limited Edition Marathon T-shirts

One of the sweetest running stores around is actually in our hometown of Wichita, Kansas; it’s enough to make bigger cities weak in the knees. But not too weak, because those runners have finish lines to cross, too! And we’re certainly not going to stand in their way.

GoRun has released two limited edition T-shirts, designed by local artist Kenton Hansen (disclaimer: alleged spouse of our contributor Lacy J. Hansen). They’re pretty awesome, and they aren’t going to last much longer than a runner’s high. Sales end October 4.

The shirts, available here, are just 20 bucks with a five dollar shipping fee if you live outside of the borders of Sedgwick County.

For marathoners finishing the long haul, pick up “Salty, Spent, Strong.”

marathon tshirt

For half marathoners, with as much gumption on a shorter trail, pick up “Tattered, Tired, Tough.”

half marathon shirt

Both designs are printed on tech shirts, so you can wear it as a badge of honor while training for that next PR!

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