September is National Yoga Month

September is National Yoga Month! The Department of Health and Human Services has designated a national observance of yoga to bring awareness about its multiple health benefits. Yoga is beneficial in many avenues. Fitness, relaxation, and health can all be obtained through the practice of yoga. We’ve compiled some great resources for you and your family to use as you celebrate National Yoga Month!

The Yoga Dictionary
Get started with a basic understanding of yoga and it’s fundamental poses.

Top 10 Yoga Benefits
The positives are countless. Here are the top 10 benefits to get you excited about yoga and the health to be obtained.

Many think of yoga a a quiet meditation time, but that isn’t always the case! Here are some intense forms of yoga to get you into shape.

Introduction to Yoga for Fitness
This slideshow shows multiple techniques for every type of person proving that yoga truly is for everyone.

Yoga For Athletes
Take a in-depth look at the benefits yoga provides for the aspiring athlete.

Yoga For Runners
Runners need yoga. There are very few techniques that will stretch tight muscles like the art of yoga.

The Athlete’s Pocket Guide to Yoga
Written by a tri-athlete, this guide gives simple instructions on 50 different yoga poses.

Denise Austin Hot Body Yoga
Read the review on Denise Austin’s yoga DVD. Austin teaches how to use yoga to obtain long and sleek muscles.

Gaiam Power Yoga
Learn about Rodney Lee’s techniques of combining breath, movement, tension, and relaxation to increase endurance, strength, and stamina.

Yoga For Abs
Who knew those sleek little mats could be the magic key to a defined tummy? Check out these ab strengthening poses.

BROga is Designed for Men
Yoga is not just for the girls! BROga is directed towards the guys, helping them see the extreme benefits of yoga.

Yoga’s benefits stretch beyond fitness. Many use yoga as a powerful relaxation method.

Yoga for Anywhere
Thankfully you don’t have to be in a studio to reap the goodness of yoga, it can be used just about anywhere.

Chill Out with Yoga Music
Music inspired by yoga to help you completely relax.

Bikram Yoga 101
This form of yoga is done in a hot room, promising multiple benefits including extreme relaxation.

An Introduction to Raja Yoga
This form of yoga is a meditation based practice. The exercises are expected to help one achieve a more peaceful state.

Introduction to Iyengar Yoga
With its primary goal being complete relaxation, this precise yoga method is a must try.

Best Yoga Moves for Summer
With the heat and hectic schedules, learn to cope with these relaxing summertime moves.

The benefits of yoga are plentiful. With its ancient roots, yoga can also help with many health issues as well.

Yoga for Weight Loss
Not only can yoga burn calories, its methods can lead the way to weight loss.

The Health Benefits of Yoga
Yoga can stimulate glands and organs. Find out what other health benefits this marvel can provide.

Yoga’s Benefits for Autistic Children
Wonderful news about how yoga can be used to improve the motor and cognitive skills in Autistic children.

Do Yoga, Breath Easier
Studies conclude yoga helps people with asthma breathe easier.

Practicing Yoga Breathing Helps Promote Balance
A greater state of balance can be obtained through the yoga breathing techniques.

Happy National Yoga Month! Nameste.

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