Six Reasons to Start Your Diet on Labor Day

I’ve been writing for Diets In Review for a while, but I just found out recently that Labor Day is the second biggest diet day of the year; I am assuming following New Years Day.

With the rush of back to school and getting ready for the holiday season, I did not expect weight loss to be a high priority for many people. As the weather cools off and we look forward to boots and sweaters and layers, I expected fewer people to be concerned with dieting.

While I am slightly surprised to find out that Labor Day is the second biggest diet day of the year, there are reasons why it makes sense.

Back to school time, at least for me, brings to mind fresh notebooks and clean slates. If you grew up thinking of each fall as a new beginning, then autumn might be the perfect time for a habit change for you.

While getting the kids ready to head back to school takes quite a bit of energy, for most people it is not quite as exhausting as the holiday rush that leads up to New Year’s resolutions. This leaves more physical, mental, and emotional energy to invest in the habit change.

Starting a healthier diet plan at Labor Day allows plenty of time to plan for healthier holidays and find ways to make seasonal favorites with fewer calories and processed ingredients.

Summer can be an extremely busy season for many people, as things slow down and become more routine in the Fall, it is easier to structure change into your life.

For many, the weather in January can create additional hurdles to maintaining resolutions. However, post-Labor Day forecasts make it easier to get active in more ways and still have enough time to solidify a new habit before weather and holiday events impede on your schedule.

If you have a goal to run a 5k for Halloween or Thanksgiving (the Turkey Trot is extremely popular where I live in Indianapolis), you have plenty of time to complete the Couch to 5K Program to reach your goal.

All good reasons to embark on a new healthy lifestyle, indeed. Are you planning on using Labor Day to kick off any habit changes? What makes autumn a healthy season for you?

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