Social Support Promotes Weight Loss

Social support is defined as the encouragement and help provided to you by other people.  Studies have shown that social support plays a major role in helping individuals lose and maintain weight loss, suggesting that support enhances the dieter’s feelings of control and confidence.  Social support can come from family members, your spouse or significant other, close friends, or coworkers.  Studies also have shown that the more social support a person receives, the better the weight loss results.weight loss partner

In a study that examined what happened when friends joined and participated in a group weight-loss program together.  Both weight loss and maintenance was better with the people who had social support compared to those individuals who participated in the program on their own. Social support can help you lose weight, but negative social support can definitely bring you down and interfere with your goal.  You can suffer from the negativity and not lose any weight or gain the weight back.

*It is important to surround yourself with positive people that focus more on how your feeling rather then the number/total pounds you’ve lost… you should never focus on the pounds lost! So, it is really important for you as the dieter, as the individual that is trying to lead a healthier life, that you are aware of the people you surround yourself with.  Do your best to have positive, encouraging, uplifting people around you.  Not those that make low-blow comments that are trying to bring you down for whatever reason (possibly due to their insecurity).

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Lisa Newton says:

Social Support is one of the main reasons Iowa Avenue was created. For people who don’t have any local network, for people who have friends and family in different parts of the country, or for people who just want more support, advice, and motivation.

It’s all about a healthy lifestyle!!

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