SUP Yoga Challenges Your Practice in the Water

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There is a not-so-new sport sweeping across the waters of the world and you really need to catch this wave. SUP, or Stand-up Paddle Boarding, in itself has been popular for quite some time but this new twist, is opening the sport to yoga devotees. Yes, there is yoga on a paddle board out in the middle of the water.

Like most fitness classes, there are also certified instructors for SUP Yoga. You know we fitness freaks are always looking for new, different ways to challenge ourselves. I think we finally found one that is the perfect mix of fitness and fun.

I have personally done it several times — and let me tell you it is very different then anything else. There are so many added elements when practicing SUP yoga. I quickly noticed after my first time out on the board that I was significantly more sore than normal. It was a little surprising as I’m a personal trainer, runner, and a yoga instructor. There is something about exercising in or on the water that requires a lot of core work; it uses many muscles that we normally wouldn’t use, therefore engaging all of those small assisting muscles. Just being on the water is immediately beneficial from a fitness point of view.

As for the yoga, there are several levels of difficulty. I recommend starting at beginner and working up until you are comfortable practicing on the paddle board.

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There are several companies who make SUP boards and specialize in boards for yoga. I’ve had the pleasure of doing demo work for one of them. Boga Boards out of Southern California has a serious line of boards, one in particular is the Boga Yoga Board. I know many people have concern that they don’t own a paddle board. Never fear, they allow you to rent them.

I highly recommend giving SUP Yoga a shot the next time you’re playing near a lake or river that hosts the sport. You can always get a small group together and make an adventure out of it!  The easiest thing to do is to search for paddle board or SUP in your city.  From there, see if they offer yoga on the board as well.   Have Fun!

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