The Cleaner Wiener: Our Quintessential Applegate Recipe Collection

While we respect and often adhere to both vegetarian and vegan pursuits alike, we’re not afraid to celebrate our inner carnivore, too. Just as veggos demand the most sustainable and healthy ingredients for plant-based meals, we share the same mentality when it comes to our meats. This summer, we showcased healthful, meatful recipes, and a few of those dishes were among our most popular of the season. Some were variations on classics, others came from left field in a “did they really do that with a donut?” kind of way. But the one thing our favorite carnivorous dishes had in common was Applegate’s meats.

Their bacon is slow cooked, their chicken sausage is savory and well seasoned, and their deli meats are lean and low in sodium. Most of their meat is organic and natural, and the overwhelming majority of the Applegate product line is antibiotic-, nitrate- and nitrite-free. Applegate sources humanely-raised animals and even feature some gluten-free products, because, of course they do. Below, we’ve trotted out our quintessential Applegate themed recipe collection, all in the hopes that you too will open the gate and enjoy their clean meat. It’s why their current campaign talks about cleaner wieners!

Here are five recipes we created featuring Applegate’s more sustainable meat products.

bayou kabobs

Bayou Kabobs with Applegate Andouille Sausage

Channel Bayou vibes with these succulent Applegate Andouille sausage kabobs. Known for their “cleaner weiner” chicken sausages, Applegate is committed to sourcing organic, hormone-free, and humanely-raised animals. This means their meat is lean, low-fat, and nitrate- and nitrite-free. The Andouille sausage has the perfect amount of spicy bite, and the kabob only contains three other ingredients: plump shrimp, crisp bell peppers, and sweet yellow onions. Fire up the grill one last time and get your Cajun on.

bacon donut

The Ultimate Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Stuffed Donut

Our stuffed donut recently topped the charts as our fourth most popular recipe of the summer, and for good reason – it offers the decadence of the trending donut sandwich without all of that Paula Deen-ness. We cram our whole wheat donut with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, and Applegate’s Sunday Bacon, and bake it up for under 200 calories! The humanely-raised pork spends hours slow cooking over hardwood, and in true Applegate fashion, is antibiotic- and nitrate-free. When the salty filling mingles with the vanilla and cinnamon in the batter, this bacon donut is easy like Sunday morning.

best club sandwich

The Best Club Sandwich Ever

You’ve probably oft wondered what the best club sandwich ever made tastes like. We’ve tasted the truth, and wish to enlighten your taste buds. The club sammie is a lunch counter staple, but is always slathered with high fat mayo on top of salty meat of ambiguous origin. That’s where Applegate steps in. We use their organic smoked turkey and uncured honey ham for this club, and the meat is tender, juicy, and never too salty. We subbed the mayo for avocodo and changed the club sandwich game forever.


The Better Breakfast Burrito

You’ve heard it a thousand times before, but we continue to preach it because it’s so crucial: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! You’re not always going to have the time or energy to whip up eggs benny and mimosas, but you can probably find the wherewithal to prepare this simple breakfast burrito that we created at Spinach tortilla, a couple eggs, cheese, peppers, and the star of the show: Applegate Chicken and Sage sausage. The ethically sourced meat is the most savory microwavable sausage you’ll ever taste. At half the calories and half the prep time of a traditional greasy burrito, you’ll impress without the stress.

Blue C-Bread

Blue Cornbread Donut Stuffed with Applegate Andouille Sausage and Peppers

This recipe is another riff on the ever popular donut breakfast sandwiches. The blue cornbread is vegan, smoothly sweet with agave nectar and vanilla, and full of free-radical killing antioxidants. The Applegate turkey/chicken Cajun sausage is organic, natural, and incredibly lean, and pairs beautifully with crunchy peppers and aromatic onions. These grease and oil free donuts are under 200 calories and don’t skimp on taste. They’ll soon be your brunch or tailgate staple.

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