The Ultimate 3 Day Workout

Working out can be rather boring and monotonous. I have designed a three day exercise plan that provides you with a total body and cardiovascular workout. This workout consists of super-sets, combination lifts, and cardiovascular movements. This workout is designed to increase the heart rate and shed those inches for the ultimate toning effect.

ball squatsDo this workout three times a week

Jog (10 minutes)

Incline/wall push-ups (20 reps)

Ball squats (20 reps)

Floor crunches (100 reps)

Stairs (50)

Seated rows (30 reps)

Step-ups (20 reps each leg)

Lat Pulls (30 reps)

Jog (10 minutes)

Shoulder Press with DB squat (20 reps)

leg pressLeg Press (20 reps)

Ball crunches (100 reps)

Tricep extensions (30 reps)

Biceps curls (20 reps)

Plank (hold for 1 minute)

Repeat (only if you can)

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