Top 10 Biggest Loser Behind the Scenes Questions Answered

We asked our very own Bernie Salazar to take us behind the scenes at the Biggest Loser Ranch. With the sixth season just days away, we’ve all accumulated a few curiosities about what it’s like on the other side of the camera, before the producers grab ahold of the tapes. Here are Bernie’s answers to your Top 10 questions.

1. How much time do the contestants actually get to share with the trainers? Is it one hour a day just for the show or are they around during the ins and outs of daily life at the Biggest Loser Ranch?

bob harper

The trainers are constantly around, they are not there solely for shoot days. The amazing part of the whole Biggest Loser experience is that the trainers are there all the time, they truly take time to care for not only our physical well being but also our mental and emotional health as well.

2. I want to know how much of the show is scripted. Are there writers on the ranch that coach the contestants to help make good TV?

There were absoulutely no writers scripting anything! From what I observed there was no need to. There are hundreds of hours of the contestent’s interactions caught on camera, what you see is pretty much what you get.

3. Do contestants receive any sort of payment or stipend for their time on Biggest Loser?

Contestants are provided with a stipend to assist with there personal finances, however this was a welcome surprise as most of us went on the show to gain back our health, not receive payment.

4. Where and how do you get the new, fitting clothes? As they slim down, how does that play into the contestants wardrobes, since I assume with them being on the ranch full time there are no shopping trips?

ali vincent

There is a wardrobe department that constantly outfits us they make sure that we have the necessary clothes not only to workout in, but also for the challenges. The stylist are wonderful and very enthusiastic about continually fitting all of the contestants as we achieve our weight loss goals.

5. I’m curious about the general dynamics of the house. It seems like everyone gets along but – do they just sit around and chit chat or do the workouts, the Q&A with producers, the challenges, the eating and sleeping and the general pressures of being in the house keep everyone from spending much real “time” together?

biggest loser ranch

The working out, Q&A, challenges, eating and sleeping do in fact take up a great deal of the contestants time; however, there is time at the end of the day, before and after challenges, and during meal time where we all get a chance to speak and bond. Depending on how long you are on the show, the time spent together can be quite significant. We truly do have a lot of time to bond and get to know one another.

6. What happens if you have a real issue with your trainer or vice versa (as we’ve seen hints of in previous seasons)? How much does that change the team and house dymamic(s)?

I didn’t have any real experience with this particular situation, however I’m sure that would greatly effect the team and house dynamics. Both trainers and producers are very accommodating and do as much as possible to ensure that contestants are as content as possible during their time on the show.

7. How much downtime do the contestants have, and what are they doing in their downtime? Do you ever just get to hang out and watch movies with Bob and Jillian?

jillian michaels

jillian michaels

DOWN TIME, What’s that? Every once in a while contestants do have a couple moments to themselves; however, I spent my time either resting or reflecting on my goals and my overall well being.

8. There was a trainer named Kim Lyons. She had a falling out and actually behaved quite childishly with one of the contestants, never apologizing or even listening to the contestant (who tried to make things right) without interrupting and getting defensive. She seemed to have some anger issues. Is that why she isn’t on the show? Did the producers, casting people, etc. really think that a fake blonde was gonna do it for us?

I don’t feel I can answer this question as I had no experience meeting or working with Kim. I’m sure the producers of the show had their reasons for not opting to not have Kim continue on as a trainer on the show.

9. What day of the week do you actually weigh-in? What time? Do they take into account weight of clothing? Do you know your weight prior to the ceremony?

maggie and jenn

The producers of the show workout the details of the weigh-ins, I’m sure they take into account every aspect of the weigh-in process. Never are contestants provided with their weights prior to the weigh-in, confidentiality on the parts of producers and crew is strictly enforced.

10. What is something “Behind the Scenes” we didn’t ask, that you think would be fun or interesting to know?

bernie salazar

Contestants are responsible for preparing their own meals, which is great because it prepares us for the real world. Contestants also are responsible for taking care of their own laundry and room cleaning, it is as true to real life as possible.

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15 Responses to Top 10 Biggest Loser Behind the Scenes Questions Answered

Amy V says:

I love all the background information to the show and how candid Bernie is with his experiences in the house! I can’t wait for the new season to start….this just got me way more jazzed up!!!

Bernie says:


I’m really excited about the new season starting as well! The Biggest Loser Changed my life and I can’t wait to see the wonderful changes that this season’s contestants will undergo!

In Fitness and Health,


AWESOME interview. I cannot wait for the new season!!!

Alaska Girl says:

What do the trainers have the contestants do to keep them from having loose, hanging skin after losing all their weight?

Anonymous says:

Hi, I absolutely LOVE the show and find it very inspiring. In losing 70 lbs myself, I find my body has areas of droopiness (sagging skin). Have you had any cosmetic surgery to tighten things up??

denise says:


David Noel says:

1) Do the contestants who are voted provided with trainers to continue their training for the show finale?

2) Do any of the contestants have to go through comestic surgery to remove excess skin?

Jillian is such a great trainer and motivational woman! She is clearly an authority when it comes to exercise and dieting. I am so happy this show is inspired people to get in shape.

Allison says:

What about the food? Do the contestants give the producers grocery lists or do you have to choose from what they have? How fully stocked is the kitchen? How many times do the contestants eat a day? Five small meals or what?

angela says:

the word on th streets from some vast off contestants is that each player is req’d to work out in the gym for an average of 8 hours everyday. The only exceptions are challenges. Consenus was 8-12 hours a day in the gym was the average. As for meal preparation, apparenlty there wasn’t much choice. Pandtry was stuffed with healthy food which they were required to use.

Basically eastin 800-900 cal per day

Coleen says:

The production crew went grocery shopping for the household basics and anything requested specifically was put on a grocery list for them to purchase. We had a great gal who kept up on our shopping each week with everything from produce, pantry items, meats and dairy. The kitchen had the basics of every kitchen and I guess you could say it was fully stocked. Everyone ate on their own schedule but often we found ourselves eating meals together because it was quicker to cook for the whole group. Each player has a set amount of calories specified for them individually. But on average, the women eat 1200 calories per day and the men eat 1800 calories a day. While we worked out the majority of our time, we balanced out our meals and snacks accordingly. There were plenty of choices when it came to meal preparation and although I personally stuck with a pretty simple meal plan, I always had options when I needed to mix it up. Our pantry was stocked with healthy, mostly organic foods. It’s up to everyone to maintain their food while on the ranch… we cooked and cleaned for ourselves. Learning to prepare our meals was part of the learning process.

maddi & erica says:

biggest loser is the best tv show on ten at night. our favourite parts are the challenges and temptation.


i like michelle

i like shannon

yours sincerly
no.1 fans

Christina says:

I was wondering about the extra skin. When losing all this weight what happens to the extra skin you will have? Do you have surgery? Shouldn’t that be part of the weigh in during the final? How do they pay for that, does the show??


Jillian surely is the epitome of physical fitness, sometimes I think she doesn’t show enough compassion toward those who are overweight in her coaching and training.

Debbie says:

I would also really like to know what the contestants do with all the extra skin when they lose over 100 lbs?

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