Top 10 Lowest Calorie Beers

I don’t know about you, but fall and winter mean football season, which in turn means party season. That’s right, weekends become a bit more of a dietary challenge than the rest of the year. One such challenge is the lure of a beer or three during football games.

Everyone needs some time to kick back and let loose a little. Some of us just do it by having a few pops in front of the tube rooting for our favorite team.

Luckily, not all is lost. That’s because not all beers are heavy on the calories. If you choose to partake in a little gridiron partying, here are a few brews that won’t sack your diet efforts.

1. Beck’s Premier Light: 64 calories
2. Amstel Light: 95 calories
3. Anheuser Busch Natural Light: 95 calories
4. Michelob Ultra: 95 calories
5. Natural Light: 95 calories
6. Heineken: 166 calories
7. Killian’s Irish Red: 163 calories
8. Long Trail: 163 calories
9. Molson Ice: 160 calories
10. Anheuser Busch Natural Ice: 157 calories

One could argue “less is more,” as in settling for less beer for more flavor. If lowest-calories-at-any-cost is not what you’re after, you could enjoy a fuller bodied (and flavor) beer, just less of it. Popular beers like Heineken and Sam Adams Boston Lager have 166 and 180 calories, respectively. Drinking one while watching the game won’t set you back too much.

One beer that you may want to skip? Sierra Nevada Bigfoot. This beer may be okay for the rare indulgence, but at a whopping 330 calories, it’s a meal’s worth of zero nutrition.

(via: FitSugar)

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