Top Exercises to Increase Balance and Stability

Balance and stability are very important while playing sports and sometimes get over-looked as we get older. I have put together a list of exercises that focus on core stability and total body balance. These exercises are a little advanced, so be careful and take your time. I recommend doing these with a partner just to be on the safe side. Try and do three sets of fifteen to twenty repetitions. Good luck!!

Balance And Stability Exercises

See more of Matt’s workouts using the Bosu Ball: Bosu Ball Flat Side Up and Bosu Ball Flat Side Down.

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Great exercises.

Here are some more lower body bosu ball exercises that you might like:

A bosu is an excellent piece of equipment for increasing balance and stability. It’s used for all populations, from athletes to those needing rehabilitation. Both sides of the bosu can be used to gain strength, endurance, stability and balance for the both the upper and lower body and the core. You can even use it for great cardio drills!

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