Treadmill Desks Create New Office Trend

In 2005, endocrinologist Dr. James Levine of the Mayo Clinic led a study showing that lean people burn about 350 more calories a day than those who are overweight, by doing things like fidgeting, pacing, or just routine things like walking to the copier.treadmill desk

Wow, a little nervous energy may be a good thing for your health.

So this gave Dr. Levine an idea: Why not develop a treadmill-style work area for cubicle dwellers?

Levine constructed the first known treadmill desk (which would end up being dubbed The Walkstation) by sliding a bedside hospital tray over a $400 treadmill.

Dr. Levine’s Walkstation costs about $4,000 and comes in 36 laminate finishes with an ergonomically curved desktop. The first thing that probably comes to mind is “who wants to sweat when you’re working.” Well, they have you covered.

You can get plenty of benefit without breaking a sweat. You can burn an estimated 100-130 calories an hour at speeds slower than two miles an hour, according to research. For some, it totals about five miles of walking during each work day.

Oh, by the way, there’s a social networking site for this growing niche fitness community, too.

See the Good Morning America report:

3 Responses to Treadmill Desks Create New Office Trend

Lance says:

There are other Treadmill Desks to consider such as the TrekDesk. The TrekDesk also features and exercise ball chair for those moments you just want to sit for awhile.

Katie_bee says:

OMG I want one of these! I would love to be able to lose some extra pounds at the office.

Brandi says:

I would definitely put one of those to good use. My dentist used to only allow himself to watch TV by walking on the treadmill. He could walk a few hours a night and ended up losing 100 pounds or so.

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