Try Fitbook for Food Journaling

One of the first things I figured out when I got home from the Biggest Loser ranch is that it all happened so fast it was hard to remember it all. Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels had done so many awesome workouts with us, but amidst the sweat, tears and pain I had forgotten exactly how they went.

I also realized that journaling my food intake on the ranch was always the sure way to predict my weight loss for the week. I searched high and low for something that could help me in this area and what I found was short of amazing… the Fitbook! It’s a goal setting, journaling, reminder, planner and motivator all in one. It tracks your workouts and your food. It helps you set daily, weekly, and long term goals. It helps you when you are having those blah weeks to look back to your killer weeks. It is a great tool and I think it has helped me so much that it might you as well!

Watch my video below to learn more about Fitbook.

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