TwoFoods: Your Diet’s New Best Friend

How come someone hasn’t thought of this diet tool before? TwoFoods is a free website application that allows you to compare two foods at once to determine which one better fits into your eating plan.


For instance, you can compare a McDonald’s grilled chicken salad to Panera’s grilled chicken Caesar salad, to find that the McDonald’s version is a better choice; or you can compare generic potato chips against Baked Lays and receive a complete nutritional analysis of calories, fat, carbs and protein grams.

Or if all you want to do is do a general query for orange juice, all you do is simply type “orange juice” in the query box and you’ll receive a list of generic OJs from concentrate to freshly squeezed and the nutritional profile of each.

You can also specify your search to a brand. For instance, the query for “Tropicana orange juice” will yield a laundry list of all of Tropicana’s orange juices and how their nutrition stats stack up against each other.

Make sure you take notice of serving sizes. Some are easy to discern while others may require a bit of calculating on your end.

Test your own food questions at TwoFoods and discover for yourself how your favorite eats compare to one another so you can choose the healthier option.

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