WE TV’s I Want to Save Your Life with Charles Stuart Platkin

charles stuart platkinWE TV’s all-new original series I Want to Save Your Life features Diet Detective Charles Stuart Platkin as he goes undercover to help overweight Americans change their lives.

No stranger to the struggles with food and body weight, Platkin lived his childhood and most of his adulthood overweight. Ten years ago, he decided to lose 50 pounds and has succeeded at keeping it off. Now as the author of five health books, he is on a mission to take his time-tested healthy living tools and practices and support others to encourage them to lose weight.

Focusing on inside-out change, Platkin closely follows the lives of everyday Americans as they use food to hide from and distract them from the real obstacles that are preventing them from putting themselves first.

charles platkin and micah molinariMeet Micah Molinari, a 400-pound comedian who uses his humor and larger-than-life stage presence to mask his tumultuous life history which he deals with by finding solace in fast-food drive-thrus. Or Mindy Jones, a selfless and passionate non-profit attorney who fights for the rights of abuse victims while ignoring her own health.

Each episode of I Want to Save Your Life chronicles Platkin working closely with one individual as he uncovers what is preventing them from improving their health. His tough-love approach combined with his strong nutrition background and his own experience as an overweight individual offers inspiration, motivation and practical guidance to anyone looking to take control of their health.

Check the I Want to Save Your Life website to see schedule details for your area.

Here is a clip of I Want to Save Your Life.

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