Woman Sues Relacore Because She Gained Weight

New Jersey’s Supreme Court has ruled in favor of allowing a woman to move forward with a class-action lawsuit against the makers of Relacore. Melissa Lee claims that she actually got fatter while taking the weight-loss supplement.

In court filings, Lee claims that she took Relacore for about four months and gained weight during that time. She contends that the makers of Relacore, Lee Carter-Reed Company, made false claims about the product in advertisements.

Before the Supreme Court’s ruling, a trial court and a state appeals court both denied Lee’s attempts to gain class-action status.

If nothing else, Ms. Lee is adamant about her claims, as her initial lawsuit was filed way back in 2004.

Relacore’s website states that even if you are losing weight, but still have excess fat in your belly, Relacore can help. It helps “traditional diet and exercise programs reduce tummy bulge by controlling diet-related stress and anxiety.”

(via: CBS New York)

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