Y Water is a Healthy Kid-Friendly Beverage

y water kidsIf you steer away from giving your child too much juice because of the sugar factor, but getting them to drink water is akin to convincing them that their cough syrup really does taste like bubble gum, then you might want to check out the kid-friendly Y Water. This organic, nutrient-rich and low in calorie beverages is the kiddie version of Vitamin Water.

In keeping with their conscious theme, each cute Y-shaped chubby bottle is 100 percent recyclable and 100 percent reusable. What is even more fun is that each bottle comes in a Y Knot that allow the bottles to stick together so that your child can build and connect things. It’s like Lego for water bottles!

Y Water comes in four different flavors, each providing different nutrients and containing 40 calories per nine ounce bottle. The four flavors are:

Brain: This mind-charging drink contains Vitamins C, B6, B12, molybdenum and Zinc. Zinc has been linked to mental acuity and the vitamins are needed for brain development.

Immune: This virus-fighting drink contains antioxidants Vitamin C, E, A and B6 which can help stave off all those germs.y water

Bone: Calcium, Vitamin D, fluoride and Vitamin A round out this bone-strengthening booster.

Muscle: With minerals like magnesium, potassium and selenium, this Y Water assists in muscle repair  – perfect after a tough game of soccer.

Unfortunately, Y Water is only available at limited Whole Foods Markets in California, Arizona and Nevada, but you can order these cute sippers online and stash them in your child’s lunch box for a beverage that you both can feel good about.

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