Yoga for a Great Night’s Sleep

It’s 2am and all you’ve been doing is rolling from side to side like a rotisserie chicken, making a complete mess of the bed sheets and keeping the cat awake (who doesn’t care because she sleeps all day anyway). You try to read, count sheep and have a glass of warm milk, but nothing seems to make your eyelids heavy. If only that blazing red light from your digital alarm clock would just stop itself from sneaking so quickly to 6am, you could steal a few hours of quality snoozing before your big day ahead.

Whether the excitement of the proceeding day is keeping you awake, or you just can’t seem to get comfortable, these yoga poses will help mellow you out so you can fall gently into a happy, restful slumber.

Legs Up the Wall Pose

Find a space in your bedroom with a clear wall. Lay on the floor with your hips as close to the wall as you can, with both legs extended up the wall. For comfort, you can prop up your lower back and hips with a pillow. Relax in this pose and feel the effects of gravity as your veins, arteries and muscles of your legs get a well-deserved rest. Hold for up to three minutes, letting go of all pending agendas.

Supine Twist

Lay on your back with your right leg straight and left knee bent towards your chest. Take your left knee with your right hand and roll onto your right hip, with your left arm extended out to the side. Hold for five deep breaths and then switch sides. Imagine you are wringing out the events of your day like you are wringing out a washcloth, squeezing out tension, tightness and stress. Allow for a relaxing wave of energy to flood your spinal nerves as you unwind from your twist, and unwind from your day.

Child’s Pose

From your hands and knees, lower your hips to your heels and your forehead to the floor or a pillow. Relax your arms by your sides. Take several deep breaths in this pose and allow your mind to clear, your heartbeat to relax and your anxiety to lift. Hold for up to 3 minutes.

Rhythmic Breathing

Lastly, return to your bed and make yourself as comfortable as you can. Breathe through your nose inhaling for a count of six and exhaling for a count of eight. Repeat until you begin to drift off into the land of sleeping beauties.

Good night!

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