Yoga for Dogs

You love your dog and you love yoga. What you probably didn’t realize is that your dog might also love the ancient mind-body practice, as well.

Dogs have the esteemed position of having two of the most popular poses in yoga (Downward Dog and Upward Dog) named after them. Dubbed “doga,” yoga classes that are done by both dog and dog owner are popping up all over the country.

In a typical doga class, the owners help their dogs perform different poses, as well as their own poses using their furry, four-legged friend as a supportive prop. Owners also perform dog massages and acupressure to help relax and calm their pets.

According to Amy Stevens, the creator of  the popular Yoga4Dogs DVD, doga imparts many of the same benefits as yoga for humans. Stevens, who has worked with animals for years, believes that yoga for your beloved canine can improve flexibility and core strength, foster bonding, support positive behavior and aid in your dog’s digestion.

It’s not just classes and yoga DVDs, but also books that chronicle complete doga routines and show fun and illustrative pictures of dogs performing yoga postures.

If you’re interested in jumping on the doga bandwagon, ask around your local yoga studios to inquire if they offer pet yoga classes or check out a doga DVD or book.

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