Yoga for Traveling

If going on a vacation or traveling for work has one major drawback, it’s getting out of the healthy fitness habits we have worked so hard to maintain while at home. Nothing beats taking a trip to the beach or visiting a new city, but by the third day our bodies begin to feel like they have been left behind, neglected, and ultimately not part of the fun.

Being in a different environment, sitting or standing more than usual, wearing brand new work shoes or cheap vacation flip flops can all increase muscular stress on our bodies, especially if we’ve ditched the exercise routine. It is no wonder we often feel as if we need a vacation after a vacation; our bodies are stiff, tired and worn out from skipping our workouts.

Whether you practice yoga regularly or have yet to try it, these pose suggestions will help you at least save your lower back, hips and attitude from going south while you are away from the comforts of a healthy routine at home.

Pigeon Pose

After a long drive or flight, this pose will stretch your hips and release the nagging grip tight gluteal muscles may have on your lower back. From downward dog, bring your right knee forward between your hands. Align your right heel in front of your left hip. Lower your hips toward the floor as far as you can without leaning to one side. If needed, place a pillow under your right hip. Hold for up to 10 deep breaths and switch legs.

Quad Stretch

While waiting for your gas tank to fill or while standing in line at the airport terminal to check your bags, this stretch will revitalize your tired legs. Take your right instep in your right hand and point your bent knee towards the floor. Grab a hold of something sturdy nearby for balance. Hold for 30 seconds before switching legs, and do this as many times throughout the day as you have the opportunity. Relieve travel stiffness from your legs so you have the energy to walk instead of drive to your next destination.

Side Bend

Stand tall with both arms stretched overhead. Bend as far as you can to the right, and then to the left. Hold each side for up to 5 deep breaths and repeat several times throughout the day. This will invigorate your spine and keep your core muscles active, preserving the benefits of your hard work at home.

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