17 Most LOL Food and Fitness Puns, Featuring Michelle Obama

Sure, they’re super cheesy and a little overplayed at times, but you know you can’t help but crack a smile and a you-got-me laugh when the perfect pun comes along. With as heavy a scene as we all try to paint when it comes to our food and fitness, it feels good to look at all of it from the lighter side. And this week, we have first lady Michelle Obama to thank for the cunning reminder that puns, are in fact, fun!

Enjoy our favorite actual laugh out loud puns!

1. FLOTUS throws it down.

She’s nacho average first lady! #turnipforwhat

2. Oh my Quad, Becky!

…It’s like one of those rap guys girlfriends.

oh my quad becky


3. What the Kale?!

So many kale puns, so little time.

kale yeahetsy


the roasted root



4. Drop it Like a Squat. 

If your booty is a saggin’, you….

drop it like a squat


5. Exercise Your Core, Change your Apple-tite. 

Too many puns, or just enough?

Exercise your core



6. Tai Cheese.

For the mind and spirit, not for the lactose intolerant.

tai cheese


7. Avocardio. 

If it involves some strange combination of kickboxing and guacamole, I’m in.



8. Go Shawty, It’s Sherbert Day. 

Best holiday ever!

sherbert day


9. Who Opened the Barn, Because These Calves are Outta Control. 

Maybe you should mooo-ve to a new machine.

skip leg dayfunniestmemes

10. Pietanic. 

Never let go [of your pie], Jack.

Pietanic (BIG


11. Lettuce Turnip the Beet. 

How can you resist that face?!

lettuce turnip the beet


12. Fitness Whole Thing

Open wide!

fitness whole pizza BIG


13. Let’s Taco Bout It. 

Communication is key, especially when Mexican food is involved.

let's taco bout it


14. Ham Solo and C-3-pea-O

Star Wars fans, these puns are your fodder.



15. You look Radishing!

You better beleaf it.

you look radishing


16. Too many beet puns to count…

…so here’s a bunch in a row.

beet punsfunnyjunk


17. And who can forget the Al Yankovic classic rendition of Michael Jackson in “Eat it”

Get yourself an egg and beat it.

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