5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Workout DVD

With so many different workout DVDs out there for you to purchase, it’s hard to know which ones deliver and which ones fall flat. I know you’re not supposed to judge a book or DVD by its cover, but in the world of workout videos, you can tell a lot from its packaging.

Read on for some tips on how to find a solid workout DVD that’s worth your money!

1. Look at the details. Have you ever taken the time to really read the back of a workout DVD? You can tell a lot about a DVD just from reading its packaging. For example, at the very bottom in small print it should say how long the DVD is. If it’s less than an hour, you know you’re probably not getting much for your money. Also, does the DVD say if the workout is for beginner or advanced exercisers? If it doesn’t say, just know that you may be taking a gamble on its intensity. Lastly, a good DVD will specify what equipment, if any, is needed. If you see dumbbells or other equipment being used in the photos on the packaging yet the back cover doesn’t specify what equipment it requires, beware! As I’ve learned, there’s nothing worse than popping in a DVD to realize you don’t have the equipment they’re calling for. Learn from my mistakes.

2. Review the workouts. Most workout DVDs these days have multiple workouts on a single DVD. This is nice because it really gives you some versatility and allows you to switch things up. Check the back cover to see what workouts the DVD includes. If there’s only one option, or if it doesn’t mention the ability to mix and match works with a customizable DVD menu, this one might not be the best option out there. Nowadays, almost all of the DVDs on the market have this capability.

3. Prefer professional packaging. Treat a workout DVD like you would any other purchase. If the DVD is damaged or looks unprofessional, steer clear. Sure, it’s possible that it’s a good workout, but unless you have a strong recommendation from someone who’s tried it, it’s a risk.

4. Check its credibility. Every good workout DVD will have a bio of the instructor. Read his or her background and make sure that they have a fitness certification and long-term experience in the industry. Think of it as hiring a personal trainer for your home!

5. Do your homework. If you find a DVD that you’re interested in, take a few minutes and look it up online. Amazon has reviews for almost every workout DVD on the market, as do various websites. Remember that reviews are subjective, but if a DVD has overwhelmingly negative or positive reviews, you can probably trust the feedback.

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