7 Tips for Eliminating Muscle Soreness

Muscle soreness is very common among those of us that workout, especially if you are just beginning the workout process. When you workout, the muscles fibers are being broken down, and this may cause occasional soreness. Thus, the importance of protein, which helps build and repair the broken muscle fibers.

Muscle soreness is caused from either over doing it or never doing it. When the muscles in the body are not used to a certain exercise they may become sore due to the break down of the muscles. If you constantly do the same type of exercise at the same speed or weight, the body is going to adapt to this exercise and the only way to become stronger, faster, or leaner is to change the exercise, and this will more than likely cause muscle soreness. Overdoing the exercise works the same way and if this does happen be sure to note it and back off a little next time.

Tips To Help Overcome Muscle Soreness

1. Properly stretch before and after exercising

2. Eat a proper balanced diet

3. Make sure you’re getting enough protein (helps build and repair muscle)

4. Get enough sleep

5. Continue to stay active

6. Listen to your body (enough is enough, don’t push too hard)

7. Hit the hot tub

Below are some stretches you can perform to help with the soreness:

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