8 Ways to Fall in to Fitness as a Family

By Team Best Life

Let’s be honest. We don’t always have time to squeeze in fitness, even when we plan ahead. If this happens to you more often than you’d care to admit, we have the perfect solution: Try working family time into exercise time—you’ll bond with the people you love while working up a sweat in the process. It’s a win-win!

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Get started with one or more of our eight active ideas below:

Focus on food. In summer and fall, pick-your-own farms are abundant and usually involve lots of walking. Make a day of it. This season, apple orchards and pumpkin patches are ripe for the picking!

Look for fun runs. A lot of community races encourage family participation with one-mile fun runs or walks, and they almost always benefit a good cause.  

Turn play into work… A trip to the playground can easily accommodate a game of kickball or tag. And instead of just sitting down with your iPad while your kids play, use the equipment yourself, there are lots of exercise options.

…or work into play. If you have yard work that needs doing, turn it into a family activity. Wash the car in the summer, rake leaves in the fall, or shovel snow in the winter—then add on a water war, leaf-jumping, or a snowball fight as a reward.

Organize a team sport game. A basketball or soccer game doesn’t require many players and can fit right in your driveway or backyard. Or try joining a softball or flag football league if your community offers that.

Get outside…Organize a family hike or bike ride. Bring a Frisbee along for more exercise while you’re out.

…or stay indoors. Try bowling as a family. Or if leaving the house is difficult, set up your music player for a family dance contest. Have a Wii or Xbox? Challenge each other to a physically active video game.

Take advantage of sand and surf. Sand is great for unintentional workouts; try volleyball if there’s a beach nearby. Swimming is also good exercise for everyone.

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