A Spooky Tunes Halloween Workout Playlist

By Tish Merritt for FitBottomedGirls.com

I love me some Halloween! There’s nothing more fun than a night of mischief. But there’s also nothing like a Halloween workout! So I say grab a jump rope and a treadmill or a short trail and try the following: Jump rope for an entire song, then run/walk for the next song. Keep switching between the two different cardio workouts until you reach the end of this 45-minute playlist. It’ll be scary how much your cardio endurance improves…Terrifying how strong your calves and legs will become.

Credit: euart

Spooky Tunes  Playlist

1. (4:20) The Freaks Come Out at Night, Whodini: Let’s start out with the running. Stick with the beat and picture yourself running from one of those scary people that jump out at you at haunted houses. Adrenaline and fear go well together, no?

2. (4:04) Ghostbusters, Ray Parker, Jr.: Jump rope time!

3. (6:18) Dead Man’s Party, Oingo Boingo: Six minutes of running? Yes, your legs will feel dead. (You have just jump roped four minutes, after all. Just remember focus on the party part and the minutes will fly.)

4. (5:11) Thriller, Michael Jackson: No Halloween playlist is complete without the King of Pop. I tried to avoid the predictable, but this song belongs with Halloween playlist just like rope belongs with jump. Turn it up, and this time count the number of jumps you can get in.

5. (3:09) Friends, Band of Skulls: So it’s the band name that makes it spooky. I don’t care where the spook is as long as I can find it and sweat it out. Run, baby RUN!

6. (6:31) Halloween, Dave Matthews Band: How many jumps could you get in this time?

7. (3:05) Haunted, Evanescence: This is a great rock-out song. Start out jogging and then knock up the incline when the chorus kicks in.

8. (2:52) Little Red Riding Hood, Nine Nine Nine: You’re hurting by now. The calves are probably mooing, but that’s OK. This song is slower so you can slow down on the jumps.

9. (4:26) Superstition, Stevie Wonder: This is your last run! I swear it’s not a superstition. Make it count.

10. (4:36) Moondance, Van Morrison: I love this song. It’s whimsical and so Halloweeny perfect for a last jump-rope hoorah.

11. (2:38) I Put A Spell on You, Nina Simone: Cool down time has come! Nina Simone’s voice haunts, but in a good way. Stretch out your body, reaching deep like Nina does.

What tunes bring out your inner Halloween workout rockstar?


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