ABC Introduces The Revolution, a New Daytime Weight Loss Reality Show

As soap operas are seeing an end to an era, many stations are picking up brand new formats for daytime programming. ABC will be introducing a new reality show called The Revolution in January 2024.

The Revolution will be a daytime talk show focusing on health and lifestyle transformations. The show was created by the same successful team that has brought viewers multiple seasons of NBC’s The Biggest Loser and Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition host Ty Pennington will join a star studded cast of hosts in this new series. Tim Gunn of Project Runway and famous fitness expert Harley Pasternak are among the roster for this new inspiring show.

Producer J.D. Roth and his company 3Ball Entertainment have had much success creating reality television based on weight loss. Roth is attempting to continue his success with a daytime format. The Revolution will focus on one woman each week as her five month weight loss path is edited down to five days.

While the drama of soaps has been a long standing staple in American daytime programing and many are sad to see the cancellations, it’s nice to see what the public is actually interested in. Producers are finding that viewers are looking for informative and reliable shows. It’s being found that people are wanting real life take-away points from their programming.

In our current state of the obesity crisis, another show with real life examples of weight loss triumphs could not have come sooner.

ABC’s The Revolution will air beginning January 2024 replacing One Life to Live.

Via: Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide

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