Barack Obama Pizza Burger Recipe

Burgers are probably not a part of Barack Obama’s diet, considering all the veggies and nuts he enjoys eating. That didn’t stop Food Network from creating a pizza burger recipe in his name, that they think suits this Chicago candidate’s style.

Knowing that the Democratic candidate prefers a lean, nutritious diet and is very physically fit, it’s hard to imagine him chowing down on one of these burgers. The nutrition facts are astonishing: 1246 calories, 88.5g fat, 260mg cholesterol, 1340mg sodium, 53.6g carbs, 2.1g fiber, 4.7g sugar, 60.6g protein, not to mention nearly 32 WW Points. Whoa! That’s nearly two double Quarter Pounders with cheese from McDonald’s.

We’re certainly not condoning this as a “healthy” recipe. It sounds delicious, and the novelty of a Barack Obama burger could certainly be a fun entree at an election watch party. So we have some suggestions to reduce the fat and calories in this, or any burger.

1. Don’t use the garlic butter sauce. Instead, season the beef with the garlic, parsley, salt, pepper and vinegar. Without the butter, you’ll save 135 calories and 15 grams of fat per burger.

2. Use non-fat mozzarella instead of whole milk mozzarella. You’ll save 86 calories/burger. Or, skip the cheese completely and save 170 calories/burger.

3. Use a 6 oz. ground turkey patty instead of 8 oz. angus beef, you’ll save 266 calories and 35.2 grams of fat per burger.

4. Use a 6 oz. lean angus beef like La Cense, and you’ll save 376 calories and 39.6 grams of fat per burger.

5. Use a grilled 8 oz. portobello mushroom instead of the beef, you’ll cut 586 calories and 98 percent of the fat in each burger.

Get the Barack Obama Pizza Burger Recipe.

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Loed it! I’m trying the chili on football sunday

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