Best Kayaking Places In The Nation

Kayaking has become increasingly more popular over the years and is especially huge during the summer months.

A kayak is similar to a canoe, but I personally find kayaking more challenging. Some kayaks are sit-on-tops while others are cockpit or even spray deck styles. Sit-on-tops are self-explanatory (sit on top of kayak). Cockpit kayaks are defined as sitting inside the kayak and the spray deck style is similar, but involving a waterproof seal around the waist. There are seven kayak classifications: polo, slalom, surf, touring, whitewater, day tripping, racing, and general recreation. Each classification can be broken off into even more sub-classifications, just as with any large piece of sporting equipment.

Below are the physical benefits of kayaking as well as the best places to kayak in the nation!

Benefits Of Kayaking:

Best Kayaking Places In The Nation:

  • Isle Royale Sea Kayaking, Michigan: The largest island in Lake Superior which is over fifty miles in length; offers unbeatable kayaking and breath taking views.
  • Glacier Bay, Alaska: Perfect for the novice kayaker, this spot offers easy paddling sea tours that will blow your hair back. Simply amazing!
  • 1000 Islands, Cocoa Beach, Florida: Group of natural islands in the Banana River Lagoon that offer kayaking at its best. Beautiful scenery!
  • Down East Islands, Maine: This rugged shoreline offers an advanced level of kayaking for the more adventurous kayaker.
  • San Juan Islands, Washington: Some the best sea kayaking the nation has to offer. Enjoy a three or four day guided sea tour along with camping offered only during the summer months (June to September).
  • The Outerbanks, North Carolina: Kayak and explore the various refuges as well as the breath-taking views of the Kitty Hawk Maritime Forest.
  • Catalina Island, California: Just minutes away from the coast of Los Angeles, this amazing island offers some of the best kayaking in the world. Book a trip there as soon as possible, you won’t regret it!

Where are your favorite places to kayak?

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