Broccoli Sales Prove TV Commercials Still Work

BroccoliThink TV commercials are irrelevant in an age of internet, DVR and Netflix instant? Think again. The Television Bureau of Canada (TVB) set out to demonstrate that TV ads can still sell. They chose broccoli as the subject of their ad campaign, but the real product they’re promoting is TV commercials themselves.

The quirky commercials promote the health benefits of broccoli, dubbing it “the miracle food.” According to the TVB, the campaign attracted 17,000 fans on Facebook and inspired 15 YouTube spoofs. But the real proof of the campaign’s success is in the eight percent increase in broccoli sales, compared with the previous year. Thirteen percent of Canadian shoppers said that they purchased at least one additional bunch of broccoli during the campaign period. Not only did the campaign prove a point about TV, it also did a social good by promoting a healthy food.

“We were so frustrated by these repeated misconstrued headlines talking about the death of television,” said Theresa Treutler, president and CEO of the TVC. “We believe that this case study will be helpful to marketers and their advertising agencies.”


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