Calf Liposuction Sought by Women to Fit in Fall Boots


“I have five pairs of boots in my closet I can’t wear. I get them out as workout motivation. I really miss wearing them. I have to say, it is one of the more depressing parts about being a plus size girl. I have one pair of wide calf boots. They work, but the others are much prettier,” one of my friends shared.

While she uses the boots as workout motivation and sought out wide-calf boots, other women are turning to liposuction for their calves. It isn’t an instant fix though; it can take ten months to recover from this trending plastic surgery procedure. It can take months for the swelling to go down after a liposuction procedure. It also isn’t something that is available for everyone. Women who work out or have muscular calves may not have the amount of fat needed for the microliposuction procedure.

“I could lose 80 pounds and I’d still have a 16” calf,” explained another friend.

The long recovery, with calves potentially swelling to larger than normal for an extended period of time, plus the pain and financial cost, makes liposuction a drastic investment for a fashion trend that may not be popular by the time recovery is completed. Personally, I would rather invest the money into several pairs of ankle boots, but as my friend shared, “We want all the options, not just what we have to wear.”

3 tips for buying wide calf boots online

Most women want to wear boots in the fall and winter to keep them fashionable and warm. Shoes are generally the one fashion item that you can wear regardless of weight fluctuations, which is one reason women have such an affinity for shoes. But for many women, boots that extend past the ankle may not always fit, depending on the circumference of their calves. Even average-sized or petite women can have problems fitting boots over their calves.

But it begs the question… Is calf microliposuction worth the pain for fashion and the trend of tall boots?

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