Calories in Your Favorite Halloween Candy

halloween candyWho doesn’t love Halloween? With free candy and a bonafide reason to dress up in a wacky get-up, it’s tough not to have a secret soft-spot for this sugary-sweet holiday.

While we all make Halloween resolutions such as “I’ll only allow myself two pieces of candy,” or “I’m donating all leftover candy to the local soup kitchen,” you can safely indulge in your favorite Halloween treats without harboring guilt or using a padlock to protect yourself from raiding your child’s Halloween bag. Need proof? Here’s a look at the nutritional stats of some of your favorite spooky-time eats so that you can savor the fun of this holiday and still look great in your skinny jeans. Plan these nibbles into your daily calorie budget.

  • Four plain Hershey’s Kisses: 104 calories
  • One fun-sized pack of plain M&M’s: 88 calories
  • One fun-sized pack of peanut M&M’s: 93 calories
  • Two fun-sized 3 Musketeers bar (regular or mint): 128 calories
  • One snack-sized (one cup) Reese’s peanut butter cup: 100 calories
  • Three mini Reese’s peanut butter cups: 132 calories
  • One Tootsie Roll Lollipop: 60 calories
  • Four Tootsie Roll Midgies: 92 calories
  • One fun-sized 100 Grand bar: 95 calories
  • Two fun-sized Snickers bars: 160 calories
  • Two mini boxes of Dots: 70 calories
  • One fun-sized box of Junior Mints: 50 calories
  • One Smarties roll: 25 calories
  • Two mini Laffy Taffy’s (any flavor): 64 calories
  • One fun-sized Kit-Kat bar (two sticks): 100 calories
  • Two fun-sized Milky Way bars: 150 calories
  • Three pieces of strawberry Twizzlers licorice: 120 calories
  • One fun-sized Butterfinger bar: 100 calories
  • One Charms Blow Pop: 60 calories

Happy Halloween!

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