Can Your Yoga Clothes Help You Be Present?

We know that practicing yoga is mentally and emotionally centering, but the question is can one be more present and in harmony as a result of the clothes they wear? The creators of Be Present, a popular yoga clothing company, seem to think so.

In 2002 this grassroots and family owned clothing company began its journey making clothes for yogis and yoga instructors. Designer and founder Amy Lopatin Dobrin saw a need for quick drying, moisture wicking fabrics like those of the athletically minded ski industry of Colorado where she spent many years.

She started by creating pants for her brother Ian, owner of At One Yoga in Arizona. Ian asked Amy to make enough pants to sell at his studio. After a great response from students and teachers alike, the business grew. Since then, the Be Present line of clothing has set an industry standard for versatile, agile and mobile yoga pants. They continue to be a leader in innovate clothing design.

Now, what does this have to do with being present and in tune with yourself you ask?

At the core of Be Present are the seven chakras. The chakras are energy centers located throughout the body. Each of the seven chakras has a color and a symbol associated with it. When our chakras are out of balance, we may suffer from physical ailments, the energy draining consequences of emotional highs and lows, and mental fogginess or instability (just to name a few).

The color vibration of each chakra inspires the colors of Be Present’s clothing line. For example, the root chakra, with its color red, helps us to feel stable and grounded. Wear Be Present’s red root chakra tank top (with the associated root chakra symbol on the back) and feelings of rootedness and security will prevail. This is the idea anyway, but is it really true?

For centuries, yogis have always believed in the healing and stabilizing qualities of healthy, balanced chakras. Meditations on the colors, sounds, elements and body associations of the chakras have been and are still used to help align us with our energy centers. Amy seemed privy to this and took her well-designed clothing line one step further to not just create comfortable clothes, but to include with them an energetic quality that supports people in finding balance, centeredness, and well, yes, to help them be present.

Do you believe it works? Can you be more present in your yoga clothes?

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