Chipotle Contest Raising Awareness and Funds for Family Farms

Are you ready for the annual Boorito celebration at Chipotle Mexican Grill? This Halloween from 6pm to close come in to your local Chipotle wearing a costume inspired by the family farm and score a $2 burrito, salad, bowl, or order of tacos. All proceeds up to $1 million will benefit Chipotle Cultivate foundation and Farm Aid.

You will also have an opportunity to enter their costume contest in which they are giving away over $7500! There will be one grand prize winner for $2500, five runner up prizes of $1000, and 20 runner-up prizes of a burrito party for 10. To enter the contest, simply take a photo of your family farm-inspired costume inside or in front of a Chipotle restaurant (I suggest you make sure a sign or two are showing) and submit it by uploading or texting it to Chipotle (full contest rules). Contest winners will be displayed in the winner gallery on November 15th.

Chipotle wants to use their annual contest this year to raise awareness of the shrinking number of family farms. As they explain it:

“Over the last 50 years, the total number of U.S. farms has plummeted nearly 40 percent, from 3.82 million to 2.2 million, due to the expansion of large-scale operations and the development of land1. While small family farms still represent 88% of the total farms, they account for just 16% of the food produced and many of their operators struggle in the face of larger, better financed competitors2. This is not only detrimental for these families, but also their local communities and the preservation of farmable land. This Halloween, Chipotle wants to call attention to this situation by celebrating the family farm – because we’re committed to making a difference, sourcing as many of our high quality ingredients as we can from local and family farmers.”

My grandfather was a small, family farmer. I have precious childhood memories of talking to farm animals, jumping off the barn roof, and driving tractors. Through the last three decades, I have personally witnessed how the situation has changed for small farmers. While I might not consider myself a farm girl, I still love our family’s farm, and I appreciate all that it taught me about food, sustainability, and finding calm. Thus, costumes inspired by the family farm sound like a lot of fun to me. Costumes to consider include scarecrow, the farmer’s wife, farm animals, produce, farm tools, a silo, a barn, etc.

Last year, some of the Diets in Review staffers had fun with Chipotle and Jamie Oliver’s frightening processed food contest (click through to check out our costumes). Since then, Chipotle has become one of the few places that I will eat near my workplace. I appreciate that Chipotle is committed to high quality, fresh ingredients, sourcing as much locally as possible.

What family farm inspired costume will YOU wear this Halloween?

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