Chipotle to Raise $1 Million for Food Revolution With Healthy Halloween Contest

UPDATE [11/2/10]: Scroll to the bottom of the post to see some of the scary processed foods that turned up at Chipotle on Halloween!

Maybe I am out of the loop, but I did not realize that Chipotle Mexican Grill serves only freshly prepared and unprocessed food. Not only that, but they are turning their annual “Boo-rito” Halloween event into a fundraiser for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution with a goal to raise $1,000,000!

In years past, those who came to a Chipotle Mexican Grill dressed as a burrito, taco, or taco salad would be treated with a free burrito. In honor of the Food Revolution, they are changing the deal just a little. The challenge this year is to dress as a “horrifying processed food product” and boo-ritos, bowls, salads, and tacos are just $2 to raise funds for the Food Revolution. There is also a costume contest with prizes up to $2,500!

Halloween can be a disaster for nutrition. Not only are kids stock-piling buckets of candy, but in the rush to get dressed and made up and get out the door, families often do not take the time to prepare a healthy dinner. This year, dinner can be at Chipotle Mexican Grill for healthy eats for a great cause.

Jamie and Steve Ellis, Chipotle’s founders, have dressed up as the frightening chicken nugget and dipping sauce (with HFCS).

What frightening processed food item will you be?

Did you participate in the “Boo-rito” Halloween event? Send us your photos!

M&M Costume

Brandi in Wichita, KS

Scary Processed Food Costumes

Hannah in Royal Oak, MI

Scary Processed Food Costume

Brooke in Indianapolis, IN

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