DermMatch Review: Does it Work?

dermmatchWhat is it?

DermMatch is a hair concealer product that is made for both men and women. It can create the appearance of hair and it’s suited for people of all hair colors, skin colors, styles, and ages.
It is said to be much better than hair fiber sprays or any other form of concealer. The websites states that it can stay on and appear thicker with a neat look for every stand of hair. You can also brush it, sweat, and swim without it being affected in any way. It’s made up of a powder that is intended to be safe and healthy to use, due to it being all natural. The following 8 different colors are offered:

  • White and silver grey.
  • Platinum blond
  • Red, light brown, medium brown, and dark brown.
  • Black.

These colors can also be blended to make unique color combinations.

It’s intended to be rubbed on directly into the scalp and brushed. Applicators are also advised to further shape the product. There is no hair regrowth possible; however it won’t also delay regrowth if one is using any products to regain hair. There is no blocking of hair follicles and instead is meant to rest gently on the skin of the scalp.

DermMatch is unique to any other kinds of hair concealers as it can be used even while swimming. No other hair fiber brands or concealers offer this much protection against moisture. It’s intended to be kept on until one shampoos their hair.

The claimed benefits can be summed up as:

  • Able to stay on longer than any other brand.
  • Costs less than the competition.
  • Applies in a neat way and won’t look messy.
  • Can improve the quality of skin as it has moisture boosting ingredients for healthy skin.

dermmatchcoloredhairconcelearcolorsMarketing on this brand is limited to their official website and a commercial which is available on YouTube. It does appear to be dated however. It’s said to have been used by doctors as a way to conceal any hair loss.

When using it it’s intended to run on the scalp or existing hair and then brushed to stylize it. It’s essentially a small colored disc with a small applicator which is rubbed on. The official website states:

“DermMatch formula coats the entire hair shaft from top to bottom. This coating thickens the hair shaft tremendously and helps lift it up. Thin, limp hairs stand-up and spread out for spectacular fullness.”

The descriptions on its use and what it can do which are listed on the official website are limited to a few short sentences. It is intended for anyone however. You’ll learn in this review of DermMatch what it has to offer and what the pros and cons are.

DermMatch Ingredients and Side Effects

The official website does not mention exactly what ingredients are used. Instead they say this:

“It’s a hard packed powdered formula that’s safe and healthful for your skin and hair. It’s loaded with emollients and botanical ingredients that smooth and moisturize. DermMatch contains only safe colorants and no hair dye”

Without being able to see the full ingredients listing its unknown if what they claim is true. Even natural ingredients can potentially cause side effects such as rashes and allergic reactions. They also add:

“You can also bush your hair with it. Don’t try swimming or brushing with hair fibers or other hair concealers. You can’t even bend over with them. They can fall right off”

While not all other brands rub off this easily, it is impressive that DermMatch claims it can last even when exposed to many different environments.

They mention emollients and botanical ingredients are used but this can range from many different ingredients. It’s rare that a company will fail to at least mention the names of some of the ingredients used. It’s unknown if this is to protect the formula or what possible reason there could be. Exposing ingredients is standard to any product as it’s the only way for consumers to know if they’re buying a quality product that won’t cause them any unwanted reactions.

Some user reviews did mention that ingredients like talc, aloe vera, and natural colorants are added. However, since DermMatch has been around since 1992, it’s unknown if they have updated their ingredients since these customers have tried it out. It’s impossible to determine either way as the official website gives no information about the ingredients. Here’s a description of the claimed additives found in DermMatch:

Talc: This soft mineral is often found in things like baby powder and blush. It’s made up of things like silicon, oxygen, magnesium, and hydrogen.

The EWG which lists information about ingredients found in cosmetics has given this ingredient a 3 rating out of 7. This means it’s considered a moderate potential hazard.

It can potentially lead to contamination and organ system toxicity. This is why the amount allowed is typically limited. The FDA has given it a status of:

“Designated as safe for general or specific, limited us in food”

The Environmental Canada Domestic Substance List has it as:

“Classified as medium human health priority”

“Classified as expected to be toxic or harmful”

So it seems likely that there is potential for concern, but only in large amounts and most often when inhaled. It’s unknown how much of it is found in this brand however.

There have been safety concerns over the use of this ingredient due to it containing certain amounts of asbestos. It’s highly unlikely to be taken from this source however when added to anything like cosmetic ingredients, still, it’s impossible to determine. The Cancer Organization has also said:

“In its natural form, some talc contains asbestos, a substance known to cause cancers in and around the lungs when inhaled”

A famous lawsuit was filed for a woman who died from ovarian cancer due to this ingredient. This woman was awarded $72 million for the talc that was used in a baby powder. Web MD has reported on this issue and they’ve said:

“The Fox trial was the first such case of more than 1,000 nationwide to result in a monetary award by a jury”

It’s important to note that not all forms of talc are known to be tainted with any potentially cancer causing substances. Determining whether or not this is an isolated case is unknown.

Aloe Vera: This plant contains a gel which can be used for many different purposes. It can be added to help reduce skin diseases like psoriasis, and it can improve blood circulation to prevent scars. Web MD has stated:

“Aloe gel is LIKELY SAFE when applied to the skin appropriately as a medicine or as a cosmetic”

So this ingredient is safe to use when applied to the scalp. It can also provide health benefits.  The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health also mentions:

“Early studies show that topical aloe gel may help burns and abrasions”

It has also had a long history of effective use in Ayurvedic medicine, where it was treated as well-rounded and natural herbal remedy.

It has also been used in facial tissues as a way to prevent irritation and to moisturize skin. A clinical review featured in the Food Science and Nutrition journal has stated:

“Some publications have appeared in reputable Scientific Journals that have made appreciable contributions to the discovery of the functions and utilizations of Aloe – “nature’s gift.”

They also go on to say:

“Aloe Vera: A Valuable Ingredient for the Food, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries”

It has been shown to have many unique benefits and seems to be an entirely safe cosmetic ingredient.

Emollients: A kind of moisturizer that makes the skin less prone to itchiness while keeping it moist and flexible. It’s also added to prevent any cracks in the skin to also prevent chafing and irritation. This can come in the form of lotions, gels, creams, or ointments. There’s no information about exactly what the official name of the ingredient used in DermMatch uses.

Without knowing the full details it’s impossible to determine whether or not they use a quality emollient. Certain emollients may cause side effects such as rashes, discoloration, itching, and chafing.

Natural Colorants: This form of dye can be taken from different sources including minerals, plants, invertebrates, and other organic sources.

Though it is extracted from natural things, it may still lead to allergic reactions and rashes. Determining exactly what is used is important to be able to decide what the overall quality is like. There are some natural colorants which have also shown the possibility for causing side effects such as organ damage. Some people may also be much more sensitive to this additive.

There are 8 different colors available in DermMatch, and it’s possible that each one is extracted from more than one source. The EWG has listed natural food colorings on their potential hazard list as well.

The official website does state the following:

“Every ingredient in the DermMatch formula is tested and rated Safe As Used.  DermMatch is a topical cosmetic, not a drug. DermMatch does not contain any hair dye”

Still, with no information about the specific names it’s impossible for consumers to make their own judgements. So it’s unknown whether or not this would be safe to use.

They do add how it’s safe to use with people with hair transplants, using hair regrowth medication, or those with alopecia areata. Thee haven’t been any issues with side effects judging from all the available customer reviews, but it would have been useful to see what they add to ensure it’s truly safe for everyone to use.

DermMatch Quality of Ingredients

dermmatch2Without being able to see a full ingredients list it’s impossible to determine the overall quality.  Figuring out whether or not they use cheap, ineffective, or potentially hazardous additives is important to know, and you can’t figure this information out.

There were some customers who mentioned specific ingredients added, but without a full ingredients list it’s impossible to determine if they are still current. None of the customers mentioned any ingredients which would make the appearance of hair, only things like dyes and other common cosmetic additives are mentioned.

The website does add the following however:

“DermMatch works for men and women of any age, hair color, and skin color or hair style. It works on bald heads, shaved heads, and long hair, shot hair, kinky, braided, curled or dyed hair”

It’s also meant to be long lasting and used to last all conditions. One can even use it to swim with without the fear of it rubbing off. The website also states:

“You can create natural hairlines temples, eyebrows and beards. You can even color gray roots with it. DermMatch application is flexible. It can be faded along hairlines for a naturally stunning appearance”

They also do offer a risk free return policy which is helpful for those concerned with whether or not it’s truly effective. In looking at the customer reviews it does appear that most people felt it was a quality product that could make hair appear natural.

Still, it would have been useful to understand exactly what’s used to determine whether or not it’s a quality product. Concerned customers would be unable to know whether or not the ingredients used are actually safe and effective. There are claims that those with sensitive skin can still use it, but no evidence is provided other than the claim that natural ingredients are added.

The Price and Quality of DermMatch

Pricing is the same for each color, but depending on the disk the prices are:

  • One disc costs $47. Shipping in the US $4.95.
  • Two disc cost $94. Shipping for US customers is $9.95.
  • 3 disks and receive 1 free disc for $141. Shipping is the same as the two discs and is $9.95 for US customers.

The website estimates that one disc can last a total of 8 months. However, if used on a larger area it’s unlikely to last as long. The company also mentions that it’s one of the few brands that can last for such a long period, which is true.

With no information to determine the real ingredients used it’s impossible to make a judgement on the overall quality. In reading customer reviews there hasn’t been any issues with people experiencing side effects, but not many reviews are available so it’s impossible to determine if everyone will have the same experience.

Considering the amount of time each disc lasts, it is a fairly high quality product, assuming the stated estimates are true. The fact that it can stick on even during swimming is unique to just this brand. This makes it a superior brand that can resist things like sweat, wind, and moisture.

The issue still stands in not knowing what they use as their full ingredients list. It’s unknown what their main ingredient is for making the appearance of hair. Things like colorants, aloe vera, tend talc wouldn’t have such an effect. So it’s important to know what they use in order to determine the overall quality.

Their money back return policy does state:

“If for any reason you are not delighted with DermMatch, we will refund the purchase price, less shipping & handling. You keep the product. You have 60 days from the date of purchase”

Customers are supported by this guarantee to help ease the possibility of it not working. The only price one would have to pay is for shipping and handling. They also mention on their website about the pricing:

“Most hair concealers come in a spray can or a jar full of fiber. Spray cans are full of propellant. Fiber cans are full of hair. DermMatch is a solid product. One DermMatch disc is $47 and lasts three times longer than any spray can or fiber jar”

So when compared to other products it does have a longer lasting yield, and it’s intended to also resist sweat, moisture, wind, and rubbing.

Purchases can be made via credit card and PayPal via the official website or in select online retailers such as and the beauty store Folica. Sales can also be made to any country and orders are expected to arrive within 2 to 4 weeks in a discrete small white box. This is to protect customers who are concerned about others knowing they are using this product.

There is also an EZ Grip and EZ Reach Applicator that comes in every order for free. Any of these that are lost can be order from the company for free as long as shipping and handling is paid.

Business of DermMatch

The company’s name is DermMatch, Inc. and their contact information is listed as:

Address: 900 Albee Road

Nokomis, Florida 34275

Phone Number: (800) 826-2824

An additional contact form is also offered for direct emails to the company. They can be reached via telephone from 9am to 5pm Eastern time.

They also offer a 100% money back guarantee which returns the purchase price but not shipping and handling. There’s no need to return the bottle and the guarantee is backed by a 60 day return.

They are said to have been operational since 1992, providing dermatologists and hair restorations surgeons with this product for children, men and women. Other than this information, there is little shared by the company about their practiced on their official website.

A better Business Bureau page is available which reveals they currently have an A + rating. However, they have no customer reviews about their company either positive or negative. They are also not BBB accredited, so it’s unlikely that they will respond to any comments or concerns.

Other than a Linked In page, there is no social media presence by the company. Very little exists about them outside their official website.

They do provide a safety warning for customers which read:

“All your information is held in the strictest confidence. We do not trade, rent or sell your information to outside companies. Our website is McAfee Certified. Our website is tested constantly by McAfee for vulnerabilities. It is the highest standard of security”

From reading all the available information about this company it appears they are not operating a scam. Being around since 1992 with no customer complaints is difficult to obtain. There is very little presence from the owners, but judging from the available data it appears they are safe to trust.

No customers have mentioned any issues with not being able to schedule a return within the allowed 60 days.

They also offer some before and after photos from 9 different users, with 3 of them being women. Judging from the available photos there have been impressive differences in the appearance of people’s hair.

Customer Opinions of DermMatch

There’s currently only the page of DermMatch to showcase what kinds of reviews it has. A total of 130 reviews are offered, with 102 being positive and 28 being negative. Here are some direct quotes taken from positive customer experiences:

“I do cross-fit for a workout and sweat like a fiend – it stays in place”

“It works particularly well foe thinning hair, as the black color / impact on surrounding hair creates an unbelievable seamless effect”

“I’ve used this product for several years and sweat by it! It works beautifully and looks entirely natural. No one believes I use anything or that my hair is extremely thin on my crown”

“This product is completely different than the fibers, it’s more like a waterproof makeup. It doesn’t “thicken:” hair so much as darkens the scalp, creating the illusion of more coverage”

Those who have tried many other concealers will mention that they’ve enjoyed DermMatch better due to its cheaper price and natural appearance. There was also praise about its ability to not wash out even during swimming. People did mention that the only way it would come out is if one either uses shampoo, or does not use enough to coat their hair. Both men and women have used it to great success. Those that made sure to blow dry and stylize to meet their preference also added how it can be shaped to fit your needs.

Here are a few of the select reviews taken from 28 critical customer opinions:

“I tried it initially and liked it but it took many strokes of getting a heavy color to fill in my bald areas. The powder is really tough to scrub out and it just wasn’t enough coverage for me”

“Not ok because it takes too long to get it to work… it took me every morning about 15 minutes without including the time spent for shower

“It is really good to cover any “weak “ spots, but it is certainly not the product to use daily”

“It doesn’t apply easy and actually has pulled hairs out when trying to apply”

The few negative reviews were due to the amount of time it takes to add, the frustration of application, and the fact that it can look like shoe polish and artificial especially if one is bald. It was also difficultly for some to stylize it as it can end up in patches. The appearance of a shiny head was also a major problem that caused some users to give up on it.

In reviewing YouTube videos it did appear to take some time to apply, in particular more time is needed if one is bald. One sped up video took more than 9 minutes in order for it to apply with continuous dabs of DermMatch.

There are also a total of 172 reviews on a website called Folica which also sells it. All the reviews summed up have averaged to a 4 out of 5 star rating. People are allowed to submit information about which hairstyle they most likely resemble. Judging from the available information both curly and straight hair styles can be used this to mostly positive reviews. Here are some select reviews:

“So this product covers the thinning but basically turns your hair to straw. Incredibly drying. It comes with an oil gel but that only works in the short term”

“It’s like art, some ppl are good at it and other sucks, In the beginning you might be frustrated because you don’t how know exactly to put it on”

One customer added the following suggestion to properly apply it:

“Here’s my technique, wet your hair considerably, then take the little sponge tool and wet that also ,swirl it generously around in the dermatch pallet until the color coats the sponge, then apply it to your hair, don’t be afraid to sue force and literally paint your head with it”

Judging from all the available customer reviews, it’s important to make sure one considers the following:

  • It can take some time to figure out exactly how much should be added, as well as how to properly stylize it. People expecting a simple process of piling it on would not benefit. Bald heads in particular can take extra time to properly add it.
  • There were many issues with dry hair. It’s important to wet the applying swab.
  • It is mostly made for thinning hair. Bald spots can use this, but without existing hair it won’t produce any long strands. One will appear to have a buzz cut if completely bald. Customers who were bald often rejected it and said it didn’t work however.
 How does DermMatch Compare to other Brands?

There are many fundamental differences between DermMatch and its competitors. A unique ability is that it won’t wash off even when one swims. So far this is the only cosmetic hair concealer which has this effect.

Another thing which is unique is that there is no explanation offered as to what’s inside of it. They claim all natural ingredients are used which are safe, but no explanation as to what the names are of each additive.

This brand is slightly lower in cost, and they offer a longer guarantee at 60 days in comparison to some brands that offer only 30. They also have been around for a much longer period. Many other brands have only been in circulation since the 2000’s, while DermMatch began in 1992.

Most customers did enjoy the fact that it costs less and there is a lot of product offered. One disc can last a total of 8 months and it costs only $47. The majority of users did say however that it can take time to apply. There is often shaping and it can take some time to style it to meet one’s preference. This is often how other hair concealers work however. They can take patience to make sure they appear to one’s chosen hairstyle. The main difference with DermMatch is that it’s made to last a long time, even when exposed to swimming, wind, and hair brushing.

Overall price, durability, functionality, and length of a guarantee are the main separating good traits. The lack of ingredients listed is the main separating issue.

Conclusion – Does DermMatch Work?

DermMatch is a hair concealer brand that’s cheaper and longer lasting than the competition. The manufactures mention only natural ingredients are added and the majority of reviews for it are positive.

The major concern with this product is that there is no information about what ingredients they use. All natural additives can still be potentially harmful. They do offer a risk free 60 day money back guarantee, but this is at the cost of potentially risking one’s health.

There haven’t been any known customer complaints about its use however. Not one case of rashes, irritation, or any kind of unwanted symptoms was mentioned by any users. It’s important to note that only a few customer reviews are available online.

No perfect solution for hair conceals exist as none of them help to regrow hair, and it can take time to stylize to be made to look natural. DermMatch does offer a water proof, long lasting hair concealer backed by a great money back return policy.

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James Wong says:

Great review. Very helpful. Very thorough. Thank you so much.

Peter Ellis says:

It was good, but it was visible because it made the hair look extra dry and it gave me a terrible itching on the scalp, as did indeed hair fibres which made my face come out in a terrible rash. If you use an extra hold spray which they sometimes recommend, it takes away the dry look, but makes it look as if you have put lacquer on your hair and the new shine is not a natural look..

It did last. Not as long as I expected but on that I had no complaints.

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