Digital Weight Loss Consultations on Expertory Virtually Eliminate All Excuses for Skipping Meetings

A lot of us these days are extremely busy. It seems as though we barely have time to do the important things in life, like taking care of our health (or those long naps on a comfy couch, who am I kidding?!). It is increasingly difficult to be able to budget our precious time to make it out somewhere to achieve our health goals. Being that we are so connected to those crazy interwebs these days, I figured I would try to take care of my wellness through an online format. Enter: Expertory.

Expertory is a website dedicated to educating on YOUR terms, not the schedule of someone else you have to work around. I had no excuse like “Oh, I can’t make it at this time because of this, or this time because of that.” Your workouts or counseling sessions are achieved through video chats that you schedule with their enormous panel of experts, which range from fitness and nutrition experts to people who can teach you to speak Mandarin!

Being several years off of the Biggest Loser, I have a stubborn 20 pounds I wish to lose which have crept back on me (much better than the 213 pounds I had to lose originally!). I am pretty happy where I am now, as I am fit and healthy beyond my wildest dreams, but just want to tone up a bit more. Since I work out like a fiend, I know it is my diet that needs cleaning up, which is why I decided to book a session with Amy Goldsmith, a nutritionist, whose session was titled “Boosting Your Metabolism.”

Right off the bat, Amy was very friendly and willing to get to it. She had a nice setup in the background with health inspiring posters as well as a whiteboard that she offered to write out anything I needed. She said I was along the right track with my workouts, as increasing muscle mass helps boost metabolism, but suspected my sleep habits were not good. Correct!

She asked me to take her through a typical day with my diet and lo and behold, it turned out I wasn’t eating enough! That’s right, folks, by eating more, you can actually lose weight! Now that doesn’t mean you should hit the buffet or go to town on the dollar menu. She wanted me to eat more quality foods, and quality carbs actually, like fruit and sweet potatoes for example. She also suggested to change up the foods I eat to make it more interesting and also to keep my body on its toes and constantly fired up!

Per her recommendation, I need to make REALISTIC changes, not DRASTIC ones as we can be so accustomed to doing.

I have to say, I was a bit skeptical about doing an online session, as I am definitely more of an in-person type of guy. But in this fast paced world where time is so fleeting, a service like Expertory virtually eliminates all excuses. Go out there and capture back your health!

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