Doctor Oz Chimes in on the Organic vs. Conventional Produce Debate

Dr. Oz Show LogoBe sure to tune in to Dr. Oz onThursday, October 4 for a segment dedicated to the controversy surrounding organic foods. Are the headlines true, that they are not any more nutritious than conventionally grown foods? Are organic foods not worth the cost? Dr. Oz speaks to a pediatrician who is angry about what he calls the public’s deception concerning the dangers of pesticides in food.

Recent news stories have reported on studies showing few differences between organic and conventional produce. Other studies, however, have found links between pesticides and ADHD, early-onset puberty, and even arsenic-laced rice. See what the doctor thinks about the benefits and misconceptions of organically grown fruits and vegetables.

Also, Doctor Oz addresses what everyone has been talking about lately – the dangers of food porn. Could pictures of delicious food be unknowingly making you fat? He describes what you need to know to prevent food addiction.

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