Dr. Oz’s Lean Green Supper Shake and 5 Fat Busting Tips

Want to know about the newest fat busters available to those wanting to lose weight quickly? Then watch Dr. Oz October 29 to see his latest advice for fast-acting and popular trends in the weight loss industry, including a new technology and a 3-day diet.

Oz tosses around phrases like “revolutionary treatment,” “secret formula,” and “in many ways it’s the holy grail” like he has the miracle cure-all for everyone, but in reality, most of his suggestions are based on simple common sense for how to lose weight.

One suggestion Dr. Oz highlights on his show is not traditional dieting advice, but a medical treatment that melts layers of fat through the skin. Watch as one woman gets the treatment done on the show with visible results. This technology is called VASER, and is a non-invasive ultrasound therapy that warms fatty tissue to encourage it to metabolize and drain excess fluids. Other tips include drinking tea and taking garcinia cambogia (HCA) with your meals.

Oz’s diet plan to drop 3 pounds in 3 days actually looks pretty good and filling. You eat the same three low-fat, low-sugar meals each day at the same time every day, and the doctor says you’ll be 3 pounds lighter by the end of it.

For breakfast, he prescribes a Tex-Mex Egg & Cheese Muffin that’s made up of an English muffin, egg, salsa, cheese, and avocados. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day, with a menu of a Double Bean Burger and a side of Baked Sweet Potato Fries. Two bean burgers, mushrooms, and onions are sandwiched between iceberg lettuce for a high fiber, low calorie main course, and the sweet potato fries are made with oregano to boost metabolism. Then, for dinner, the meal with the least calories, drink a green smoothie to burn fat and build muscle. Try out his recipe:

Lean Green Supper Shake

3 cups green veggies – kale, spinach, chopped romaine, celery1/2 green apple

1/2 banana

2 cups ice

1 scoop vanilla whey powder

3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk

Combine in a blender and blend well, pour into glass, and garnish with a celery stick or slices of green apple. Enjoy!

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