Fat is Just a Word and it Feels Good to be Sweaty! Insights from Jenny Hutt’s Sirius XM Radio Show

“I’m comfortable with the word fat. I like the word fat. It’s honest,” said Jenny Hutt this morning during her Sirius XM Radio show. I joined her on the air for about 18 minutes wherein we discussed the new F word and why we’ve given it too much power.

“It’s a word. It has as much value or meaning as a person places on it,” I told her, explaining why the word ‘fat’ doesn’t bother me.

LISTEN HERE to our chat and then weigh in on the fat conversation, hear why we love being sweaty, and why we picked the diets we called the best!

Jenny’s been on the air for eight years, one year longer than we’ve been greasing the wheels over here at DietsInReview.com. It was a joy to be invited on the show to talk about what we do here, why we do it, and what’s going on in the industry.

The Most Diet Reviews on the Web!dirjenny

We bragged a bit on our 2500 diet reviews, which cover everything from books and gadgets to pills and potions. “There’s a lot of crap out there that, in general, isn’t worth your time or money or attention,” I asserted. That’s why we love what we do. We clear the noise and clutter and give you just the facts so you can make the best decision for your health. Those reviews are the backbone of our site and the reason we’ve been called the Wikipedia of diet reviews!

The Best Diets!

She put us on the spot to name three diets that we think actually work. Based on our criteria that these programs have clean eating and balanced nutrition approaches, not overlook a fitness component, and even address habit change, we named a few “best” diets for their focus on sustainability and life-long habit change.

Retrofit – based wholly online and grants access to a team comprised of a nutritionist, exercise physiologist, and behavior coach. Here’s the Save $500 Coupon we mentioned in the interview!

Bistro MD – in February our test-testers named this the best meal delivery diet around! The fresh-frozen meals offer customers variety, portion control, and quality flavor to help jump start your weight loss efforts.

Breaking News!

As Jenny explained in the interview, there’s something here on DietsInReview.com for everyone. Whether it’s our news channel where we break down everything from Tom Hanks’ big type 2 diabetes reveal to what Obamacare means for you, or a really solid arms workout, we’ve got you covered!

Now Eat This!

Plus, if you’re more a health-conscious foodie, then our recipe channel will satisfy what you’re looking for. Every Monday we publish a new, original recipe that’s always surprisingly very good for you. In the interview we shared this Harvest Chopped Salad with Orange Ginger Vinaigrette and the new 419-calorie Parmesan White Wine Sauce and Pasta!

Get Sweaty!

We discussed how most weight loss and fitness excuses just aren’t good enough, and that there’s always a way to get in a workout. Services like Expertory and Wello, or smartphone apps like iYoga ensure you can stay active no matter what! “It feels good to be sweaty!” I told her. Jenny agreed, reminding that “it boosts your mood.”

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