Fernanda Abarca is Biggest Loser’s First Elimination, but Down 70 Pounds at Home

Last night on the The Biggest Loser, an unlucky roll of the die put Jillian’s White Team in jeopardy for the second week in a row, and Fernanda took the fall. We spoke to her about her short time on the ranch, what Dr. H. had to say about her overall health, and how much weight she’s lost since the elimination.

The Biggest Loser - Season 15

Nobody likes week 2 on The Biggest Loser ranch. Some even talk about the week 2 curse. Fernanda isn’t superstitious but wishes she’d had one more week to show what she could do. “Now that I’ve been home, my weight loss fluctuates high one week, then low the next,” she explained. “One week I’ll lose 10 pounds, the next week I’ll lose 2. Everybody’s body is different.”

During the first week, Fernanda lost an encouraging 12 pounds but at last night’s weigh-in, the scale only budged by two pounds.

This may be the second episode of Season 15, but Fernanda is actually the first contestant eliminated. In a new season twist, trainers are allowed to save one eliminated contestant and Jillian used hers right out of the gate on Craig, the warehouse supervisor from North Carolina. We asked Fernanda how she felt about Craig receiving the save. “I was totally fine with it,” she replied. “I was so concerned about working hard to save the team in case my number came up that I didn’t think about it. He deserves to be here. I was happy for him.”

fernanda_abarcaAlthough she left before we could see their conversation, we asked Fernanda about her visit with Biggest Loser physician Dr. Huizenga.

“I was scared about what he would say and he did tell me I had high cholesterol but it was completely reversible.” Fernanda is using her good news from the doc and her early elimination as motivation to keep going strong at home saying, “I worked so hard to get on The Biggest Loser. Now that I’m gone, my new focus is the finale show. I want people to see what I’ve taken away and what I’ve accomplished.”

Fernanda may have only been on the show for a few weeks but she’s convinced Jillian gave her the encouragement and drive she needed for the home challenge. “I’m glad Jillian picked me,” she said. “I need to be pushed and she did that. I didn’t get to choose her, but she was a wonderful choice for me.”

What was her favorite exercise on the ranch? Running. “There was a time when I couldn’t run for two minutes without stopping,” she revealed. “Now, I run seven miles every day. I never thought I’d actually say that.”

Big reveal time. How has Fernanda been doing since she left the show? “I’m going strong. I’ve lost 70 pounds since I was eliminated. Watching the show at home continues to inspire me.”

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