Finding The Right Sized Stability Ball for You

Are you thinking about purchasing a new stability ball or having trouble finding the right size?

Stability balls come in all sizes and you need to find one that meets your exercise goals. Most stability balls provide you with a list of height and weight recommendations for each size so make sure to check the box or package for that, but if you can’t find the information laid out for you, here’s how to find the right size on your own.

When sitting on the ball, your hips should be level or slightly higher than your knees. Also, the smaller the ball, the harder the exercise, so go with the smaller sized ball if you want to add to the difficulty level. Be sure to inflate the ball to the correct amount of PSI (pressure per square inch). The PSI will play a huge role in how ball performs, and you definitely do not want the ball flat or stiff as a board. I recommend inflating the ball to where it is firm, but has give in order to form to the shape of your body.

Stability balls provide the body with an unstable environment which requires an extreme amount of muscle recruitment to help stabilize. By incorporating stability balls into your workouts you can add a new twist, increase the difficulty level of each exercise, and improve your overall balance and stability. Check below to see the size and height recommendations, benefits, and a sample exercise routine. Good luck and have fun!

Size And Height Recommendations:

  • 4’11”-5’4”: 55 cm ball
  • 5’5”-5’11”: 65 cm ball
  • 6’0”-6’7”: 75 cm ball

Benefits Of Stability Balls:

  • Improves core stability
  • Increases the level of difficulty of each exercise
  • Helps improve posture
  • Reduces back pain due to the ball forming to the body
  • Improves core strength and ability
  • Great way to spice up a workout and provide you with several exercise options

Total Body Stability Ball Workout:

(Perform two to four sets of fifteen repetitions of each exercise to maximize your results)


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