Fitness Injury Prevention: Tennis Elbow

Elbow pain is often referred to as tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is an over-use injury in which the tendons degenerate, which is very painful. I have two clients who have overcome this injury. One of which was a college tennis player and she ended up seeing a physical therapist to help with the problem. The therapist and I worked together and worked through the issue and she is now cured and back to her normal self. Another client of mine did not want to get medical help, so I have her in an elbow brace and it seems to be working just fine.

Many activities and occupations can lead to this injury: tennis, raquetball, throwing, weight lifting, plumbing, painting, and even raking. There are many treatments that can help reduce the pain such as wearing an elbow brace, rest and ice, stretching, anti-inflammatory medication, and physical therapy. If you have chronic pain in your elbow, please see a physician because it will continue to get worse if not properly treated.

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Thanks Matt,

We used to think that tennis elbow was due to inflammation alone.

As you say, now many doctors these days think that it is from overuse and injury of the tendon fibers and the treatment is stop doing what injured it. At least try to do it a little differently, i.e. different grip, new racket, “tennis elbow” brace, exercise surrounding muscles.

Sometimes you just have to give it up and rest it for a few weeks.

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