Fitness Injury Prevention: Shin Splints

Shin Splints (pain/tenderness of shin/lower leg) is a common over-use injury and is very painful at times. Shin splints is not a diagnosis in itself, but a description of symptoms of which there could be a number of causes; although the most common cause is inflammation or swelling.

This pain is common among runners and athletes and is caused by a sudden increase in distance or intensity of a workout schedule. There are several things you can do to treat this problem and one of which is half of the RICE technique. Rest and ice are two of the main treatments for this issue. Other ways to help prevent shin splints are to properly stretch before and after activity, wear proper footwear, swim, anti-inflammatory medication (ibuprofen), exercise on soft terrain, and gradually increase distance or intensity.

Below are a few few stretches you and your partner can do:

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Good info and overview.
Warm up and wear good shoes.


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