Four Ways to Use Leftover Chicken

Chicken is often considered a low-fat, low-cholesterol alternative to beef or red meat, but some cuts of chicken actually have as much, if not more fat. If you’re trying to cut back on fat and calories, skinless white-meat poultry offers a great low-fat protein option. If you’re also on a budget, roasted chicken is a simple, economical and time-efficient meal ingredient, especially for a family.

If you’re cooking for one or two, a roasted chicken can sometimes produce more meat than you can finish in one meal. Roasted chicken is versatile and you can easily turn one bird into multiple healthy meals.

Barbecued Chicken Salad:
Chicken salad is nothing new, but if you have leftover chicken breasts, recycle them into a fresh, healthy salad with a hint of barbecue, reminiscent of your favorite Kansas City joint. Fresh lettuce, tomato and corn add healthy crunch to this salad that’s anything but boring.

Chicken Stock:
One of the best things you can do with a chicken carcass (actually, it’s really the only thing you can do with a chicken carcass) is boil it with vegetables to make a tasty stock. Use the stock as a base for soups, stews and casseroles or freeze smaller portions in ice cube trays to use in future recipes.

Chicken Lettuce Wrap:
For a quick lunch or a fresh, healthy snack, wrap leftover cooked chicken breast in a warm tortilla with fresh lettuce and tomato for a spin on a traditional day-after sandwich. Note: you can use any part of the chicken but know that it may add fat and calories to your dish.

Chicken Stir-Fry:
A fast and easy way to get dinner on the table (and a serving or two of veggies) is to make a simple stir-fry. Colorful vegetables and cubed chicken meat make this easy meal option an attractive idea for lunch or dinner any day of the week.

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