GST Workouts Blend Yoga, Pilates, and Capoeira to Help Bodies Heal and Rehabilitate after Injuries

Let’s face it, sometimes physical activity can be painful. People can throw their back out from lifting weights or tear their ACL while playing basketball. One mishap in the gym, court, or playing field can leave your body damaged. And, getting your body back to its original state will take lots of physical therapy. Yet, after physical therapy your body might not be back at its prime as it was before you got hurt.

Grace SomatomorphicTM Technique, known simply as GST, is a workout that reshapes and heals your body for a better, stronger, and healthier you. After years of dancing took a toll on Anna Rahe and left her in pain, she was in need of therapeutic fitness but couldn’t find anything. So she created GST with her knowledge of fitness and its scientifically-supported research.

Anna wanted to teach others GST because it helps the body become pain free while toning to be more beautiful. “GST is also more than just a workout- it is a way of life. In addition, the process of GST directly engages the brain’s powerful desire and inclination for neuro-plasticity- to grow and change.”

GST’s philosophy is motivation, exploration, identification, excavation, assimilation, restoration, and transformation.

Motivation: Why do you want to better your health?

Exploration: Search for answers and try new things.

Identification: Understand what is wrong with your body and health.

Excavation: Dig and find new information that will help your restoration and transformation.

Restoration: Restore your body to its original health.

Transformation: Take your body’s health to the next level and transform it to a healthier better you.

There are four types of programs GST offers, each designed to heal and restore the body: Somatiques, Athletic, Body Shaping, and Pregnancy. The classes differ by the types of techniques that are used to heal and restore the body.

Three main components to GST are GST SomatiquesTM, GST CalenscenicsTM, and GST SomedicsTM. Somatiques changes how you exercise. GST Calescenics uses techniques in GST Somatiques with leverages to transform the body’s form and function. Somedics is a science-based approach that rehabilitates the body and re-educates you for permanent change and healing.

GST has one studio, which is located in Los Angeles, CA. But, Anna told DIR that they are considering opening other GST locations across the country.

“We are eager to share GST with everyone! Everyone has a body and everyone needs GST. The transformative permanent results from GST are unprecedented and unparalleled,” she said. Since GST is located in LA, there are a number of undisclosed celebrities who attend Anna’s classes.

We told you that GST heals and restores the body, but is it comparable to any other workout? Anna explained, “Honestly GST is not comparable to anything out there. GST presents the most progressive scientific developments in functional anatomy and fascia (connective tissue) restructuring and presents this cutting edge approach in an easy-to-understand platform of body movement/exercise.” Anna continues to say, “Because most people have no point of reference, we had to use comparisons to other methods to reflect the following: Pilates: use of equipment that simulates forces/resistances that experienced in everyday life. Yoga: a mindful intentional pursuit to learning about your body and inner life. Capoeria: exercises that are fun dynamic fluid movement that more accuracy reflect body actions that are similar to everyday life.”

GST is a full-body work out as well. Anna said, “GST works the whole body with each and every move to attain perfect aesthetics, proportions, and function.” Depending on the level and intensity of the class people can burn up to an average of 350-450 calories.

To those who are interested in trying GST, but do not live in the Los Angeles area can purchase GST’s workout DVD. The only difference between the DVD and GST studio is the hands-on GST Kinetic CommunicateTM, according to Anna. She explains that GST Kinetic CommunicationTM is, “a hands on technique designed to manipulate connective tissue to enhance comprehension of the GST Somatic (Body) techniques, improve execution of GST Calensenic Exercises, and accelerate the results of the total body transformation.”

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images via Anna Rahe, GST Body LA

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