Hair Illusion Review: Does it Work?

hair-illusionWhat is it?

Hair Illusion is a non-synthetic hair fiber brand said to look completely natural. It’s made up of real human hairs that helps improve the appearance of either thin hair or balding heads.

Similar to other hair fiber brands it does not regrow hair, but it is made to help provide a cosmetically pleasing experience. Both men and women can use Hair Illusion with both curly, straight, or in between hairstyles able to use it. Unlike many other hair fiber products this one can be used on completely bald heads, it does not require any existing hair to cling unto. It’s currently available in 8 different colors:

  • Jet black and black.
  • Dark brown, brown, and light brown.
  • Light blond, blond, and auburn.

It’s advised to choose a color similar to one’s roots. It can also be applied without the need for professional hair stylists. It’s estimated that the time it takes to apply it is roughly 1 to 5 minutes.

The stated benefits of Hair Illusion can be summed up as:

  • Won’t block any hair follicles. People performing hair replacement therapy can use this safety without any stalling in regrowth.
  • All natural and safe to use. It is not considered a topical cosmetic due to its natural hairs.
  • Free of any kinds of dyes.
  • Unlike other hair fiber brands, it’s made up of real human hair.

In applying it it’s advised to mist a light layer of the company’s sold separately fiber hold spray. After this point one lets it sit for 30 to 45 seconds. After applying the Hair Illusion it’s recommended to spritz more of the fiber holding spray in short bursts. To maximize results it’s advised to repeat these steps from 2 to 3 times.

They also offer a water resistant spray for people who expect to sweat a lot or who are exposed to water. It’s also advised to add more hair fibers if one noticed spots or clumps. They do mention that it will stay in place even when exposed to the following:

  • Rain.
  • Sweat.
  • Wind.

The company does offer worldwide shipping, and they estimate a two to four week delay for orders outside the US.

Hair Illusion Ingredients and Side Effects

No ingredients list is provided; the FAQ section simply states they use real 100% human hairs with no dyes. In considering this fact it makes Hair Illusion one of the few hair fiber brands that choose not to use things like synthetics, wool, cotton, or keratin. These different kinds of additives are often sourced from many different things and they can be processed with chemicals to help retain their structure.

No information is available to help show exactly where they source their hair from. Some users have said that it looked like beard trimmings. It would have been useful to determine how they extract this ingredient to determine the overall quality. Knowing whether it comes from one’s head can determine whether or not the hair would be more coarse or smooth. Also not known is whether or not they trim small pieces of hair and how exactly it can morph into either curly or straight hair.

It’s unlikely to produce any side effects due to it being unprocessed; however, a very small amount of users did mention they experienced the following:

  • Itching, uncomfortable sensations, and a feeling of a weight on their head.

This was only from a handful of users and does not represent the majority opinion. Most did not mention any of the above listed side effects.

Since real human hairs are used it can also be added to bald heads and it does not need hair to cling to, unlike other hair fiber brands. Due to the ease of use and varieties of colors without added dyes, it’s very unique and is unlikely to produce any unwanted side effects judging from the available information. It would have been useful to know where they have extracted this ingredient however.

They also mention this information on their Instagram page:

“With Proper Care it Will Last More Than a Week”

hair8If this claim is true then it makes Hair Illusion an even more impressive product. No other known hair fiber brand out now has made this claim. Gels and certain kinds of hair oils can also be used, so it makes it easier to be shaped into your desired hairstyle. It can also be washed out by using shampoo.

Hair Illusion Quality of Ingredients

Pure hair is used with no artificial ingredients or any kinds of dyes. Determining whether or not this is effective for everyone tends to depend on preferences and whether or not one is willing to adjust and stylize it. There is some maintenance required in order for it to be used on bald heads particularly.

There are sprays which are offered that will wick away moisture and better retain a certain hairstyle. Curling irons and hair straighteners can also be used. Depending on the effort one is willing to put in Hair Illusion, it can be useful to use. Bald people would have to add the spray first and then adjust accordingly. You’d also need a mirror to check and see if all parts of your head are synchronized and well outlined. This can take some time though the manufacturers state that with continued use it becomes easy to determine the right amount of spray and hair fibers one should be using.

The fact that pure hair fibers are used us a good thing, but to fully determine the quality would require knowing where they get it from. Some users didn’t feel it had the proper look.

It’s also unknown how these hair fibers are meant to stick unto one’s scalp. Finding this information out can make it easier to give a full review on the overall quality. From the available customer reviews and information it does appear to be a high quality product however. Only a Walmart page that sells Hair Illusion has explained the process, they add on their explanation:

This will release thousands of microscopic color matched fibers which bond to your scalp or thin hair with magnetized static electricity”

While this may be true, nowhere is it expressed on the official website. It would make sense that this is the process needed to attach to one’s scalp, as it’s all natural and won’t cause side effects. However, it’s confusing that this is only explained by a non-affiliated source instead of by the makers of Hair Illusion.

Judging from this information it does show that this brand is a quality brand that is free of any unwanted additives. This makes it safe to use for even sensitive skin.

The Price and Quality of Hair Illusion

The only ways to purchase Hair Illusion is either via their official website,, EBay, Walmart or QVC page. Their prices are listed as the following:

  • An 18 g small bottle for $38.95. Unknown how long it is estimated to last.
  • Large 38 g bottle for $59.95. This is estimated to last around 30 days. This can vary depending on how heavy one needs to use it.
  • Optional but highly recommended hair fiber spray for $19.95. The official website fails to mention what kinds of ingredients are added to this spray.
  • Water resistant spray which is optional for $29.95. It is not fully water proof and if hair gets wet it’s advised to let it dry out. No information is available to show what kinds of ingredients are used.

Estimating that the 38 g bottle truly lasts 30 days, this means if used daily it would cost around $1.29 a day to use. This is without the cost of the 2 hair sprays which is highly recommended as an additional purchase.

Bundle packages with extra bottles or accessories and sprays are also offered at a discounted rate. An auto shipment plan is also offered for even more reductions in total cost. This is a way to gain free shipping and cheaper prices by having you credit card automatically charged at a continuous rate. Often this practice will be performed by shady businesses, but there doesn’t seem to be any issues with the manufacturers of Hair Illusion.

It’s estimated that around a 54% savings can be gained with the auto shipment plan, with cancellation being offered anytime. Estimated savings are:

  • $39.95 worth of savings for a 38 g bottle.

This rate is locked in for every 30 days. Free shipping is only offered for US customers and you can modify or skip deliveries if needed. Cancelling all together can be done 24/7 with no need to submit a reason.

As you’ll see in the “Customer Opinions of Hair Illusion” section, there are more positive reviews than negative ones. Also, the fact real human hair is used will automatically increase the overall cost of this hair fiber brand. Since it’s one of the very few products which actually use real human hairs, one does not have to worry about it causing any chemical interactions.

There are no added dyes or chemical enhancers. Real human hair also can make one’s own hairstyle look real as opposed to dusty and artificial as some other hair fiber brands appear up close. On this basis alone it’s clearly more of a natural approach to hair fibers. The price is higher than other hair fiber brands but this is because it does not use thins like wool, keratin, or cotton, which are made to look like human hair but won’t always appear this way.

So while Hair Illusion is more expensive, it also offers more of a natural experience without the fears of side effects. It’s not for everyone and people will have to adjust to make sure it stays on, but due to the 30 day money back guarantee and use of actual hair, it’s unique to any other similar brand. Judging from this available information, it appears that it’s truly a good quality hair fiber product.

Business of Hair Illusion

The official name of the company is Hair Illusion LLC. Their only contact information available on their official website is a contact form and email which is:

Email: [email protected]

Their contact form asks for your email so essentially this form is an extension to an email. They also feature a BBB logo for the Better Business Bureau, but they fail to link their own listing on this website. In reviewing the company it was revealed on the Better Business Bureau that they did in fact have a listing. They have an A + rating due to their lack of any criticisms.

They do have 0 complaints but it was difficult to find this page so the lack of any information might be due to customers not being able to find it. Only one short review is available on this page and it says:

“They are affordable and have never had any problems. Thanks again! This customer WOULD recommend the business to a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague”

The website Trade has checked whether or not they have a filed a trademark and they’ve found that since 12/1/2024:


It’s unknown why they have not tried to renew their trademark. This website also revealed part of their official address which is:

Address: North Reading, Massachusetts 01864

The Better Business Bureau also shows their official phone number as:

Phone Number: (800) 286-3738

From the limited available information about the company it does not appear they are operating a scam. But it’s suspicious that they’ve failed to provide sufficient contact information. It’s standard practice for a company to provide all their contact information, as it allows for people to feel secure before giving sensitive contact and credit card information.

The official website does show that the CEO and founder is a Ronnie Passariello, who has also suffered from hair loss. He claims to have tried things like Propecia and Rogaine only to see no results. He also explains the process of finding Hair Illusion:

“After years of research and searching all over the world, I have created Hair Illusion”

He goes on to explain:

“Hair Illusion is different than other hair concealers how? Hair Illusion is made with one ingredient and one ingredient only … REAL hair”

“ While other concealers work well they are filled with chemical and made form cotton and rayon. If you look closely, it actually looks like dust. To me, this isn’t perfect”

He does not explain what kind of research went into the making of this brand, but he does claim to have put in years of research to discover what it would take to make a truly effective brand.

There are other available media outlets other than the website such as a Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus, and Twitter account. Other than these social media sites, not much company information is listed anywhere. This makes it difficult to engage more with the customer support staff. Though as mentioned, there doesn’t seem to be any scams being run judging from all the online information about this company.

They also offer a money back return policy. Their FAQ section mentions:

“We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase, and stand by the quality of our product. Try Hair Illusion risk free. If you don’t think it is as effective as we’ve said it is, simply return the container even if it’s completely empty, within 30 days of receipt of your order”

They offer a return on the purchase price except for shipping and handling and without any questions asked. However, in only offering an email its unknown if they are quick to respond. This may delay the process and make it hard to return the product. To date there haven’t been any criticism against the company not honoring their return policy however, so it appears to be legitimate.

One odd thing about this company is that there are 2 different claimed official websites. One named “” and the other is “”. The .net site seems to be more legitimate as the website looks sleeker and it has more information. However, it’s unknown whether or not both are legitimate and to be trusted. The .net site also is linked back from their social media sites, so it’s most likely a known trustworthy place to purchase Hair Illusion.

Customer Opinions of Hair Illusion

Hair Illusion’s page hosts a total of 572 reviews, 416 of these are positive and 156 are from unsatisfied users.  Featured below are some select positive reviews which showcases what most have experienced:

“I am a barber and also have male pattern baldness. I have tried EVERY other product available for thinning hair this one is the BEST hands down my customers love it”

“All I wanted was the appearance of a full head of hair and hair illusions has given me what I’ve be looking for for years!”

“It was much easier to use than the other popular hair fiber product, and blend exceedingly well… I will continue to use this”

“This is by far one of the most worthy products I’ve had the knowledge to purchase. It’s truly innovative and revolutionizes men’s beauty needs and maintenance”

Most who have tried it mention that it helped provide a natural appearance to once bald or thin hair. There were a handful of users who added they’ve tried many cosmetic solutions and that Hair Illusions was by far the most realistic looking. The majority of these reviews are also from male users, though females did experience results. The women who did try it however had really short hair similar to a crew cut; it would not work for any long hairs unless it would be to cover up a bald spot.

Those who used the fiber holding spray also mentioned how it does hold up even when exposed to water. People who sweated and were active added how their hairstyle looked the same, and that the product did not flake off. Customers have also posted before and after photos to showcase noticeable differences in their hairstyle.

Not all reviews were favorable however. Here is some of the criticism for Hair Illusion:

“Mixed results. After using this for about a week, the main thing I’ve noticed that it is MUCH heavier than other products”

“way too expensive and then it densest come out of the dispenser very well”

“The major con however, which is why I give the product three stars, is that the product has a consistency similar to beard trimmings, or shaved hair clippings. It itches in a similar way”

“It’s pretty noticeable that you have extra “Stuff on your head” it’s a mess to put on and when you wash it off it gets everywhere. It looks more natural… when you’re walking 10 ft. away from someone”

There are currently 260 more positive reviews than negative ones. The few minority of users mentioned that they felt it didn’t look like real hair. Therefore, it’s likely this is not a one size fits all product. One should test it out to determine if it works to complement their appearance.

Another common criticism was that it did not distribute evenly, and that applying it leads to a lot of loss product. Many claim this is an issue due to the bottle itself, which releases uneven amounts of the hair fiber. All the negative reviews are often mixed, with people enjoying parts of Hair Illusion but having partial issues with its use.

YouTube videos are also offered showcase how it can be applied to improve results. There aren’t any other available websites which showcase comprehensive reviews.  Judging from all the available information potential users should consider the following:

  • How it looks on your head can vary on whether or not the fiber spray is added. It can take some stylizing to get it to look even and to ensure it won’t come off with movement or moisture. Some of the YouTube videos lasted longer than the expected 5 minute maximum claimed by the makers.
  • Not everyone liked Hair Illusion, but a majority did say it provide the results they wanted.
  • It’s highly advised not to touch your head or run your fingers through as it can take away the fibers. This can clump up and further reduce the appearance of a natural head of hair.
  • It has to be adjusted and tampered with in order for it to form your unique hairstyle.
  • It’s often added more as a touch up. None of the bald people who added this could regrow any substantial amounts of hair, for example flowing locks are not possible. It can however make one’s head look full of hair with no odd spots.

Much like any other hair fiber brand there are some considerations that need to be accepted with the fact that it’s a cosmetic solution, and that monitoring and adjustments need to be made. It won’t regrow hair nor will it last if one were to simply add it without taking time to make adjustments.

There are also multiple testimonials and reviews from customers on their official website. Before and after photos reveal how effective it is when applied and stylized. One of the testimonials is from the CEO which can be potentially biased, but he did show a remarkable change in his before and after photo. Here are some direct quotes from those who left comparison photos:

“I don’t wash my hair daily and hair illusion stayed on for three days until I washed it”

“It definitely made my hair appear thicker without the worry of the wind or rain”

“I would go in the bathroom with a bald spot and 2 minutes later come out with a full head of hair”

The photos all showed noticeable differences in the way that their hair looked. Some people had complete balding heads and it was impossible to tell that Hair Illusion wasn’t actually their natural hair.

How Does Hair Illusion Compare to other Brands?

One major difference from Hair Illusion to other brands is the fact that real 100% human hairs are used, which is naturally chemical and dye free. No other known hair fiber brands can boast of all these offerings.

A 30 day money back guarantee is also offered on all purchases with no questions asked. This is also a unique guarantee offered that not every other brand offers. It allows potential users who are uncertain the possibility to try a bottle and see if it meets their expectations. Pricing is slightly higher with Hair Illusion, but this is because they use natural human hair as their only ingredient. This does increase the overall cost but it will also provide a more natural look. It can also be treated similar to regular hair by combing it and applying sprays and even straightening it.

It also can be mixed and match with its different colors to help provide many different combinations, this is similar to other hair fiber brands.

Hair Illusion does seem to require more maintenance with two different kinds of spray bottles offered. One to keep moisture away, and another product made to help keep your hairstyle a certain way.  It is claimed however that is care is taken that it will stay intact for more than a week long period. This is unique to only this brand. It’s unknown if this is true or not as some users did mention it rubs off during sleep, but it would be a remarkable fact that would make it far superior to its competitors.

One important consideration is that since it is free of any dyes, it won’t cause allergies, allergic reactions, or any potential side effects. Not many other brands can advertise this fact as even natural dyes are known to have possible risks of symptoms. Hair Illusion does seem to offer some unique advantages that cannot be replicated with things like cotton, rayon, wool, or keratin.

Conclusion – Does Hair Illusion Work?

Hair Illusion is a one ingredient hair fiber brand made with pure human hair. It’s free of dyes, chemicals, or any artificial additives. While men and women can both use this, it’s more intended to be used for short hairs. It’s not going to produce flowing locks that women might want. There are many before and after photos which showcase how effective it is to touch up one’s head.

The price is about what one would expect for a product that has only natural hairs. There’s also auto shipment plans offered to help lower the overall cost.

Information about the company is limited, as there’s only an email and contact form on the official website. Many bundle packs are also offered including a comb, hair fiber spray, and a moisture wicking spray. An important thing to consider about these packs is that according to customers, they are needed in order to help provide a lasting hairstyle and to keep the fibers intact without flaking off.

Users who expected to simply spray the bottle and walk away were disappointed to find it does take maintenance. Those that understood this fact and were able to spend a few minutes a day were able to stylize their hair. The only real persistent complaint was that it can rub off if one isn’t careful to add the sprays.

Overall Hair Illusion is upfront about what this product has to offer and what is needed to ensure it stays in place. It’s one of the few hair fiber brands known to use only natural human hairs, and customers mostly enjoyed using it. It is backed by a full 30 day money back guarantee so people can try it risk free and only having to spend money on shipping and handling fees. There isn’t a perfect cosmetic solution and hair fibers like this one won’t regrow hair, but Hair Illusion is natural and supported by a comprehensive 30 day money back guarantee.

3 Responses to Hair Illusion Review

Marla says:

Unfortunately it only stays in place by using the company’s sprays,which are harsh on ones hair.
Hair gets stiff and brakes in time.

The “hair” they are using is very corse and it stings and itches the scalp.

Mooki Mezdayen says:

Not true! It works wonders! People in my family don’t even notice it and I don’t even feel it on my head. You trippin!

Sandra says:

I just got my bottle of Hairillusion. I did use it and it does look very realistic. You must use the spray first, then the spray bottle they suggest, determines the amount released. It seems it is best to get the spray type machine to apply. So far I like it. On Amazon they didn’t show the multiple colors shown on their site.

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