Healthy Halloween Recipes and Tips

jackolanternJust because it’s Halloween day doesn’t mean you can’t still put together a spooky treat or a ghoulish dinner. It’s also not too late to count how many calories were in last night’s candy bender!

We’ve rounded-up our best Halloween recipes, healthy tips and ideas to help you make this a fun-filled holiday that won’t leave your little treaters in a sugar-induced coma from now until the Christmas candy shows up.

Healthy Halloween Recipes for Kids

These treats are better than anything you’ll find at the grocery store because you and the kids can make them together and they have much better ingredients. Get the recipe for snacks like Trick or Treat Trail Mix, Caramel Apple Fruit Dip and Sugar-Free Dirt and Worms.

Healthy Chili Recipes for Your Halloween Cauldron

Warm-up your little trick-or-treaters before they take on the neighborhood with one of these delicious and hearty chili recipes. Toss it in the Crock pot early in the day and your hands will be free to make last-minute costume alterations!

Calories in Your Favorite Halloween Candy

Those mini packs of chocolate and other sweets look so tempting because they’re so small. Mind your serving sizes and feel free to indulge, a little. You’ll be surprised how quickly, with so little, you can wrack up 100 calories or more! For instance, each Hershey’s Kiss has about 26 calories. Two fun-size Three Musketeers have 128 calories. Three pieces of Strawberry Twizzlers have 120 calories.

Top 5 Exercises to Burn Off Those Halloween Sweets

Come Monday, when you realize just how much you enjoyed the Halloween treats, you’ll want to get right back on track with your weight loss (or management). Try this workout designed by our fitness expert Matt Johnson.

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